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09/01/2018 17:34:38 •••

An Unfortunate victim of progress

Video Games comparatively is a new and young medium. One that has the biggest amount of growth as designers frequently check what went wrong and designed games that improve and improve on what is there. However, as an unfortunate or fortunate side effect of this rapid growth, older games tend to age alot less gracefully than say movies or books. Goldeneye is a solid example of this. Seriously, go watch the movie and then go play the video game (The N64 one.) Which one would you rather replay or rewatch? and so is Pokemon Red and Blue

Structurally, the Pokemon game is the same as every main pokemon game: Fight 8 gym leaders, occasionally run into a team, and then fight the elite 4 and the champion, and occassionally fight your rival.

Older games are not necessarly codemned to be outdated. There are plently of games that hold up well like Yoshi's Island, which i still consider one of the best platformers or all time. Pokemon Red and blue is not one of those games that hold up well.

Competetively, the game is a joke. characters with high speed will get critical hits on their opponents, there is a notable bias in a certain type, and bug....well bug is useless.

The biggest flaw is summed up as Psychic. Psychic pokemon, espically Alakazam is highly over powered with little to nothing that can stop it in it's path. Bugs are completely worthless as the only bug moves are life leetch and a few bug moves attached to a Beedrill, a pokemon that is weak against Alakazam.

One might be bored of Kanto itself. While it has a few memorable places, it lacks the personality of current areas like Hoenn or Sinnon. This even extends to the team: Team Rocket. With little to no really motivations besides being evil, you are left with basically uninteresting cartoony one dimensional mustache twirling villains.

The game is very simplistic. This was before Gen 3's Ability which had complexed the game, and it became before holding items. Players who have sunk their teeth in the newer gen, well luckly be disappointed at the lack of oppertunities.

The game is very glitchy as well compared to the newer pokemon gen.

As the foundation of one of gaming's biggest and most popular series, this game deserves to sit on it's high throne, but as a game itself? Well it belongs more on a museum than played. It has too many flaws to be taken seriously competetively, it is too simplistic, the area of Kanto is boring, and the amount of pokemon is limited and it is a glitchy mess.

The good news is the remakes exist to bring the older gens up to date. Much like Soul Silver and Alpha Omega, Fire Red is a superior choice if you have a nostalgic itch.

03/26/2016 00:00:00

current areas like Hoenn or Sinnon

...Spelling issues aside, you\'re calling gens 3 and 4 current when we\'re coming up on gen 7? Normally this\'d be a nitpick, but when you\'re talking about how something has aged...

04/23/2016 00:00:00

what happen to heart gold?

04/24/2016 00:00:00

Yeah, going back and playing this on the VC... is cool but it just doesn\'t hold up much anymore. Also the lack of a run button, the inventory and box systems, and the really annoying trapping moves make it kind of a slog in some ways. Playing it kind of made me just want to play FRLG or gen 6. FRLG captures the nostalgia but then brings it up to standard, and i tend to think of that when i think of the gen 1 games in my mind, it\'s like RBY is the gen 1 games, and FRLG is how you remembered/imagined them to be.

09/01/2018 00:00:00

I'd rather play Goldeneye than watch it any day.

And Fire Red brings up one of the biggest issues with's tiny. Compared to other regions, Kanto moves far too quickly.

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