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02/18/2018 14:52:27 •••

Stone Ocean

In my previous review I said I found Diamond is Unreakable to be the weakest arc so far. Having finished Stone Ocean I now take it back.

Now to be fair, it's likely that one of the reasons I didn't like this arc as much was because I accidentally got spoiled about some stuff near the end, so the impact wasn't as strong. There's also a fair amount of good in this arc as well. Pucci is a great step up as a villain from Diavolo of Vento Aureo, and I liked the main characters a lot. But even then, I felt that Stone Ocean was a very disappointing arc.

First, like Diamond is Unbreakable, a good chunk of the story is just the main characters staying in an area waiting for things to happen. Now it's true that it's justified since the setting is in a prison, but it makes things even less interesting because the setting guarantees that the villains will be following a formula. Pucci hires an enemy to try and kill the main characters. Granted this was also the formula for Part 3 and most of Part 5, but at least the main characters of those parts were making progression while they were being attacked. For Stone Ocean you can change the order for some of the arcs and not alot would change. Thankfully, they eventually break out of the prison by the last third of the arc.

Another thing that bugged me was the stands. While there are still some stands I found cool, the majority of the stands I found pretty boring. Plenty stand arcs became tedious for me to read through such as Jail House Lock, Underworld, or Heavy Weather, and a lot of the stands themselves I just didn't think were interesting like Kiss (owned by a main character, so unfortunately it appears a good amount of the time), Goo Goo Dolls, or Dragon's Dream. Most of the stand encounters felt like they were becoming a chore for me to read, something that rarely happened for me in Parts 3, 4, and 5.

Also, spoiler warning for the ending:

The deaths of Jotaro, Ermes, and Anasui felt very rushed, and the final fight between Emporio and Pucci didn't feel satisfying for me. And the alternate universe thing in the end I wasn't a fan of.

This is the only Part that I regret reading so far. There are a fair amount of awesome moments, but it wasn't worth the uninteresting story and the boring stand fights for me.

02/18/2018 00:00:00

I just wanna say this pretty meh review.

Specially considering most of stuff you said was extremely just opinion based not really any factual stuff to it.

Overall this review gets 5/10 it average review.

Actually I might have to change that to a 4/10

02/18/2018 00:00:00

Actually now that read you’re review more carefully this one thing that kinda of bother me now that think about that you said could change order order of some fights/arcs and nothing would change I can only think of 3 fights/arcs where that could be done.

I can think of 9 fights/arcs in part 3 where can you do this and part 4 had 4 where you could change the order of fights/arcs and wouldn’t of mattered, with part 5 there where 4 fights/arcs, part 7 has 1(debatably 0).

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