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07/22/2013 17:22:20 •••

An Epic Tale

Ratboy Genius details the adventures of lovable hero Ratboy Genius, his loyal comrades, and his beautiful girlfriend Little Summer Solstice Baby (whose face heightens the bar of beauty standards).

Ratboy Genius will charm you from the start, with his inspirational transformation from 2D to 3D, his Bart-Simpson-esque wardrobe and the smooth dulcet tones of his voice. The episodes are filmed in high definition and the realistic characters are rendered in industry-standard animation software. Definitely a sight to behold.

Accompanying these epic journeys are background melodies that dance upon the listener's ears. Tunes such as "Abraham Lincoln" and "Potato Knishes" are unforgettable pieces that belong in any music-lover's library.

If your life is lacking something, you might just need to watch Ratboy Genius.

07/22/2013 00:00:00

Best. Review. Ever.

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