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01/10/2019 06:41:39 •••

Code Geass

some SPOILER ALERT* I honestly thought the anime was great. I may not have been a mecha fan but i did like this one. Sure there were some pros and cons. The first season did fine but the second kinda threw me off a little. I mite as well make this review short and simple.

Pros -Characters were enjoyable (mostly the first season)

-C.C amnesia scene where she lost her memories was sad and adorable (almost cried when CC talked about not having a friend then lelouch treats her well. Lelouch, u big softie made me smile :D)

-Plot was great (mainly the first season)

-My Fav characters in order: C.C,Lelouch,Kallen,Suzaku.

-Sad/honorable ending (although I believe Lelouch is alive because u cant leave CC alone in the world can u,Lelouch? yes, if he didnt die then his death wuld have not been emotional or pointless but CC n Lelouch together makes me happy.Plus, i think CC true desire/contract was to have someone to love her. AND the open ending of CC talking to "Lelouch" most possibly the cart driver.

Cons -There were unneeded sound effects in some scene

-A bunch of crazy personality/faces created by the Geass or death of a love one(ESPECIALLY NINA.Gosh, i practically went WTF when Nina went berserk mode after Euphy death.Not to mention she was one of my least fav characters since she's ANNOYING AS HELL about thinking Euphy is her lover n not Suzaku. GOD I HATE HER RACISM IN SEASON 1. I WANTED TO STRANGLE HER AND PRAYED FOR HER TO DIE!!) <-Nina's face

-Season 2 felt a little uncomfortable with the characters/plot

-Dislike when everyone keep on saying "Yes,my highness"

-the betrayal of the Black Knights was a disappointment(althought i like how lelouch kept his personality of lying)

OVERALL? i thought it was a great anime with an ending that kept my mind wanting more. I wuld recommend it to anyone even if they hate mecha.

P.S everything i wrote is my opinion and sorry for my bad grammar/writing. its like 3:30 in the morning and i just gotta write a review on CG since i finished it.

P.S.S Ninax Table is hilarious XD.

10/10/2018 00:00:00

This review had some decent points, but didn\'t really expound on them very much (particularly \"Characters were enjoyable\"). This is one disadvantage of doing a list of pros and cons for a review, since many people who do them tend to list as many of each as possible without going into detail.

The review should have been proofread better. If you\'re not in the right frame of mind for proper spelling and grammar, you could either wait until you\'re ready. Alternatively, if you feel you have to express yourself now, you could go back and edit the review at a better time.

On a minor note, a post-postscript is \"P.P.S.\" not \"P.S.S.\" (or \"Post-script-script\")

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