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Dec 9th 2017 at 5:59:31 AM •••

I've read a couple of walkthrus that recommend avoiding the Boot Patrol. Here's a spoiler. I actually prefer to let the Boot Patrol get me the maximum of 3 times, or walk into the Witchville Police station 3 times, as long as I'm prepared. During the day, I enter the Festeron Police station, wait for MacGuffin to fall asleep, get the chocolate, then go to the Wharf's end and rescue the seahorse. Then later, at night, in Witchville, the first time the Boot Patrol gets me and throws me in jail, I escape the jail cell thru the hole in the floor under the bunk. The second time the BP gets me, that hole is now sealed, so I eat the chocolate and wish for freedom, and I'm teleported out of the cell. The third time the BP gets me, they throw me to the shark in the bay at the wharf's end. But then the seahorse I rescued returns the favor with a school of his buddies, drags me to safety, and the shark eats the BP instead of me. So by being prepared for the BP and letting them get me 3 times, I actually defeat them rather than avoid them.

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