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Oct 24th 2015 at 6:03:57 PM •••


  • Weapon of Choice: Almost too many to list at this point. Rick's Colt Python and machete, Daryl's crossbows, Michonne's katana, T-Dog's riot shield and short spear, Merle's bayonet hand, Tyreese's hammer, the Governor's Steyr AUG, Martinez's bat, Sasha's silenced sniper rifle, Carol's trench knife and snub-nosed revolver, Morgan's bo staff...

Weapon of Choice isn't just "character uses this weapon", as that's just People Sit on Chairs. As the trope description says: "Basically, in various works of fiction, characters tend to possess weapons that are either a direct reflection of their personality or the traits commonly deemed to their character type."

Some of that list could be argued to be an actual WoC for the character (Rick's revolver being a reflection of his Cowboy Cop behavior, for example), which would justify an entry, but as-is the trope entry is useless as far as demonstrating how the trope is used. I don't, at the moment, have time to do anything with it other than the example I offered, though.

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