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Oct 11th 2016 at 4:40:51 PM •••

Hello, I read this page and I was thinking about adding Jarod Shadowsong. My reasons include that he seems to be shoehorned into the story with connections to most of the major Night Elves, due to everyone putting themselves under his command in the War of the Ancients he's a Mary Tzu and he gets away with resting on his laurels for thousands of years in the Night Elves meritocratic society. I'm not sure how many others share this view I'd like to gain perspective. Also, I was thinking on elaborating why Rhonin and Krasus are hated but I'm not sure how valid the reasons are. They're on this page, so could someone elaborate why please?

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Oct 12th 2016 at 12:27:18 AM •••

I understand your reasons for not liking Jarod, but is he generally disliked by fans? I don't follow the Warcraft fan community anymore so I have no idea. I remember why Rhonin and Krasus were hated, but since there's an ongoing cleanup project on the forum maybe we should bring the page up over there.

Do note however that a scrappy doesn't need a valid reason to be hated; them being hated by a large portion of the fanbase (with no equivalent portion loving them) is enough.

Jul 16th 2016 at 10:05:57 PM •••

Some of these entries may need to be trimmed. The entries for Thrall and Yrel outright admit that they aren't hated unanimously enough for this to apply, and at the very least contain arguing on the page.

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Jul 18th 2016 at 1:24:44 AM •••

Thrall, Varian and Yrel should be cut, they are far from being unanimously hated. The rest of the entries could use a rewrite as well.

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