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  • Trade Prince Gallywix, leader of the playable Bilgewater Goblins may be the most unanimously hated racial leader in the game. He treats his own people like dirt throughout the entire Goblin starter zone, especially the player character, including stealing their life savings, enslaving them, and trying to kill them. What makes fans so angry about this is that he gets away with all of it without so much as an apology because Thrall named him the new Goblin leader, despite there being at least several other Goblins that would be more qualified and trustworthy, including fan-favorite character, Sassy Hardwrench.
    • This has died down a bit in later expansions, becoming a bit more merciful and ambiguous (by goblin standards, anyway). His portrayal during the Garrosh saga was much more well received, mainly due to secretly vying for peace between the races and fighting Garrosh head on in a Bad Future.
  • Of all the alliance leaders in Vanilla, Fandral Staghelm received the most hate, due to his arrogant nature, lack of any real importance, replacing fan favorite Malfurion Stormrage as the Night Elven archdruid, and effectively causing the whole Ahn'Qiraj storyline simply because he couldn't move past his son's death. Probably why they wisely decided to have commit a Face–Heel Turn in Cataclysm.
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  • To a lesser extent, Koltira is pretty unpopular for being boring in comparison to his Alliance counterpart, not being an orc or troll, and causing some minor plot holes. Sending the player on a Fetch Quest for no good reason, and his general attitude towards said player, didn't help
  • Me'dan, son of Medivh and Garona and the new Guardian of Tirisfal, is widely disliked for his qualities - mainly because the aforementioned makes him a one-of-a-kind Heinz Hybrid with the power level of a Guardian and All Your Powers Combined, and some consider his parents a Crack Pairing. His conspicuous absence in the main game is generally considered to be the result of his negative reception in the comics. There's even speculation that Thrall's role in Cataclysm (itself lukewarmly received) was originally intended for Med'an.
  • Several characters created by Richard A. Knaak were pretty disliked, most prominently Rhonin and Krasus for similar reasons as Me'dan.
    • Rhonin's wife Vereesa Windrunner also received various shades of hatred throughout her appearances due to being a complete Satellite Character whose characterization completely revolve around either Rhonin, her children or her sister Sylvanas as well as not being as Badass and plot-relevant as the other Windrunners. The degree of Vereesa being rescued varied from one expansion / expanded universe works to the next, mostly depending on whether or not the writers remember her role as the High Elves' leader.
  • Aggralan, an allegedly exemplary Mag'har shamanka who was apparently introduced entirely for the purpose of sinking the Thrall/Jaina 'ship (not to mention getting pregnant by the last patch of the expansion) isn't particularly well-liked, either. Apart from her role in Thrall's story, the criticisms tend to actually be about her abrasive personality and lack of characterization rather than the 'ship-sink.
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  • Like Thrall, Malfurion Stormrage used to be a popular character. However, his return in Cataclysm turned many players against him. He's wrestled the Night Elf leadership away from his wife Tyrande, turning her into little more than arm candy in the process. Despite this, he doesn't actually seem to care about the Night Elves, as he ignores the Horde's blatant incursions into their land and razing of Ashenvale Forest. While this is allegedly because he needs the Horde's help in Mount Hyjal, it makes him seem uncaring and hypocritical to Alliance players. When Tyrande took more aggressive measures, he didn't act to either support her or calm her down. Malfurion has pretty much become the defining example of how neutrality can ruin a character in the fanbase.


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