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May 21st 2015 at 11:34:41 PM •••

Not quite. It sounds like it, but while the "H" in SHADO does stand for "Headquarters", the acronym actually refers to the entire organization, while "SHADO Headquarters" refers to the actual headquarters of the organization.

So the second "Headquarters" is not redundant. The "H" in SHADO is not really redundant but an outright misnomer.

This in contrast to RAS Syndrome where "S" not just means "Syndrome", but the acronym actually refers to the same thing as the whole phrase.

By the way, RAS Syndrome is a redlink but it is described under Redundancy.Real Life as "Redunant Acronym Syndrome Syndrome".

TL;DR: It's not RAS Syndrome because SHADO and SHADO Headquarters are not the same thing.

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