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Jun 14th 2017 at 1:26:24 PM •••

Nearly every single edit that I and several users have made was either removed or extensively rewritten because the language was "too informal" or "didn't delve into why". Are you kidding me? I think we explained the context behind every entry fairly well. The language was to conform to one of this site's damn rules: "Fun will be had." I thought that this page wasn't supposed to be all serious all the time? And that the specific pages like Nightmare Fuel were about subjectivity?

I am very frustrated with this site nowadays. Every single edit I make is usually deleted, edited or contested for some reason. It's starting to grate on my nerves and I am this close to just closing up shop on TV Tropes and leaving.

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Jul 4th 2017 at 7:15:34 AM •••

Subjectivity does NOT equal "add whatever *I* want", however. I'm baffled at several things mentioned in the NF page, specially the Lukas part which I didn't find scary AT ALL and, to be honest, it reminds me of Fates fans crying about "KIRAGI THE YANDERE" when, in reality, Kiragi's "cute psycho" traits are from the Japan-only DLC's and not from the game itself.

Jul 6th 2017 at 12:04:49 AM •••

That's a cruel accusation and I'm feeling judged for asking why the page was rewritten. All edits made (at least mine in this case) were done in good faith and because I felt that they fit the parameters for Nightmare Fuel. That's all.

As for the Lukas tidbit, I'm afraid that I strongly disagree. It's scary to, for example, autism patients who have great difficulty in socializing and do not empathize the same way normal people do. Many of them have great levels of mental acuity, but the tradeoff is that they find it harder to connect with others for a variety of reasons: maybe they were bullied because they function differently on a neurological level (Asperger syndrome patients suffer this most of the time) and are "too smart" for kids, or they just don't understand social cues. As a result, they don't show body language or expressions normally.

Kind of like Lukas. He's brilliant for tactics and general warfare, but his emotions are slightly stunted, which Clive notices at one point, and then comforts him for it.

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