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Feb 17th 2012 at 3:01:06 PM •••

America/Canada: Actually, just one vocal minority, on the Canadian side. The minority part doesn't apply to Americans; I believe nearly all Americans would go with the "Kinda liberal/cold/funny accents" idea. With a Mountie or two added in. And we're not particularly vocal about it, because there's nothing in that characterization to get very emotional about either way.

In short, Canada is "North Minnesota" as far as most Yanks are concerned. :-)

Non :-): I gather that's part of the reason some vocal Canadians get so upset at the US: we benignly ignore them, while simultaneously posing a threat to absent-mindedly absorb them.

Which actually fits the Trope very well.

As an example, I racked my brains to remember the meanest anti-Canada joke I ever heard. Poutine is a dish so greasy and cholesterol-filled even Americans won't eat it. So guess who does? Canadians.

Some classic Poking the Poodle there.

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Apr 21st 2013 at 2:20:34 PM •••

True now, but there was widespread and intense Anti-US sentiment in Canada in the late 19th Century. Added for specifically that time period.

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