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Apr 26th 2013 at 8:47:29 PM •••

Considering how insanely freaking expensive a wedding can get, and how much preparation and time can go into one, leaving someone at the altar is hard to see as anything but incredibly tacky.

  • "The Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen film It Takes Two: he was marrying the Rich Bitch, so it's okay! They also make her suffer through a Humiliation Conga as she leaves the chapel.
    • Subverted. The Rich Bitch had badgered the guy into considerably moving up the wedding because she realized she had genuine competition."

If Clarice hadn't badgered Roger into moving up the wedding after she found out about Diane, one scenario is he would have dumped her well before the wedding (which wasn't for a few months). And probably privately, because he was a nice guy, if clueless to facades. Clarice's really bad attitude at the altar in front of the attendees did not help her case. Including slapping one of the girls.

Of course, breaking up in church with an audience is far more dramatic.

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Jun 30th 2011 at 3:05:06 PM •••

In left 4 dead 2 Ellis remarks that his friend Keith was one.

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