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Jul 19th 2013 at 11:57:12 PM •••

Look at the following from "real life" examples: "Until the advent of gunpowder, a man on foot had a decent chance of dodging artillery projectiles by the virtue of the fact that the projectiles were not particularly fast and rather large. As long as he wasn't hindered by a tight packed formation." I don't think it's true. I almost sure that arrows were faster than bullets when they first shown. Please check it.

Dec 21st 2011 at 12:54:35 PM •••

Removed the following under the Tabletop Games folder:

  • Applied brutally by GURPS: Tactical Shooting where an optional rule for extremely long range shots with firearms tacks on additional penalties for things like a slight breeze developing. Every second of travel time is another chance for things to go wrong.

This doesn't sound like an example at all. It's saying that at long ranges, a projectile is more inaccurate. That's not a Painfully Slow Projectile, that's common sense.

Maybe it can be reworded better to be an example, but as it stands, it isn't.

Oct 15th 2011 at 12:26:29 PM •••

Could we PLEASE make the picture for this article the pebble dance from The Last Airbender? XD

Sep 6th 2010 at 6:59:13 AM •••

Removed the following:

  • A science-fiction example is the photon torpedoes of Star Trek:
    • Star Trek VI has a torpedo modified to track gas emissions from the cloaked Klingon vessel, which takes several seconds to arrive.
    • A particularly egregious re-enactment is in a scene in Star Trek: Generations where the Klingons have their shields disabled when their cloaking device is remotely activated, and get to stand up and watch as a torpedo approaches to destroy them.
    • This is an especially maddening example, as photon torpedoes are specifically designed as faster-than-light weapons that can be used at warp. Admittedly, according to the manual, the engine in a torpedo can only sustain the warp field passed on by the firing ship, and thus doesn't fly at warp speed if launched at impulse.
    • All of this is countered by something mentioned in (at least one) novel: photon torpedoes move unbelievably fast. They also travel across HUGE DISTANCES between ships. Those distances just usually aren't portrayed well on screen.

Too much Natter. Not sure how to fix it. It's shown as Painfully Slow, but is actually fast?

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