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Feb 12th 2019 at 9:39:56 AM •••

I\'ve always thought this trope was a dumb idea. It takes cognition to regulate emotions, and as I\'m sure most of us know, mental illness and cognitive impairment are two different things, and mixing the two up is the wrong thing to do. I just got off a school district\'s website; it\'s the first educational organization I\'ve seen establish cognitive impairment and emotional disturbance as a dual diagnosis classification. Emotion and cognition are connected, but they can hinder each other as well as regulate each other. I fear that introducing the idea of a cognitive emotional dual diagnoses can lead to a lot of people with one issue or another being misdiagnosed or labeled wrongfully or unfairly. I know adding real life examples to the trope list forbidden, but it doesn\'t negate the fact that the existence of the trope does more harm than good, as it introduces to the masses the same flawed idea that emotional and cognitive disabilities are one and the same, and leaves anyone who comes into contact with this page more liable to commit the same error. I also know your ethos statement says TV Tropes isn\'t about \"righting great wrongs\", but it is about the impact media has on people, and that means it\'s important to be responsible or at the very least not careless, just as it is with any media outlet.

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