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Nov 14th 2010 at 10:17:57 PM •••

Huge chunky spoiler, and it doesn't say which fic actually is.

  • There is a Firefly fan fic there it is actually made to make sense (I'll try to get a link later). River and Mal are out hunting for some deer when they are attacked, a bullet going through Mal's shoulder. The location on the planet was currently mid winter, so when he wakes up and finds their hut at night, with River tied up nude, he kills them and forgets to treat his wound, taking care of her (no communications devices). It gets infected, the infection gets in the blood, and he gets amnesia for 3 weeks. It's cured by a blood vessel bursting in his brain 3 weeks later, giving him amnesia. During the amnesia, he had struck up a romance with River (which he was in denial of pre-amnesia). Luckily, he had already been in love with her, but afraid due to the age gap. They even took the chance to Lampshade the fact that, unlike most Maliver fics, Simon wasn't angry. It's actually a good, large, fic series, don't let my subpar description of half of the first one get in the way.

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