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May 17th 2016 at 3:11:15 PM •••

LAMENTATIONS| The Holy Bible has so many stories with the scriptures, that can turn into various topics and upcoming mini-series, movies and TV shows for years to come. But people often become squeamish or nervous when Christianity, God and Jesus is even mentioned in mainstream America and everywhere. But this movement won't go away anytime soon no matter how we try to hide it from all around us, The Christian wave is turning the corner, like an oncoming fast-moving train. When it flies on through, there will be lot happiness and cheers, many will embrace it's greatness and jubilation everywhere.

The first on would be called LAMENTATIONS. ["Look and read the book of LAMENTATIONS!"] There's only 5 chapters in this books, but it is full of poetry, drama and stories that can be made into movies or television series and various of discussions as well. Encourage TV Tropes members to do the same as well.

It is time to turn the television back on, with good shows once again. So why not giving this a try.

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