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Oct 31st 2020 at 5:27:40 AM •••

—-First time commenting, have _no_ idea if anyone's going to see this . . . . and:

The comment on the page is:

[quote] Antihero: Corso is thoroughly amoral, and unlike in the movie of the book, doesn't get a final redemption or even a Pet the Dog moment. [quote]

Weeeeelll, antihero, I can see as definitely grantable.

But not so much missing a "redemption" or a pet the dog as much as [Whatever a trope for Singlehandedly succeeds in absentmindedly completely grabbing the brass ring] . . . .

In the final page or two of the book, there is:

[quoteish] He stopped in the middle of the square, dazzled, enveloped in blinding sunlight. . . .

. . . the light driving back the dark angles of the ancient city, the shadow of the bell towers, and the pointed arches of the square . . . .

. . . He looked down at the ground as he walked, resigned, ready to bid his own shadow farewell. But there was no shadow at his feet. [endquoteish]

Corso is standing in the middle of the square, _early_ morning, with long shadows all around him . . . . and _he_ no longer has any shadow himself . . . .

—-Earlier in the book, the girl does have a shadow . . . but there is also a comment of Corso at that time seeing that shadow just not looking real for some reason . . .

[quoteish] At that moment she wasn’t young. She seemed to be carrying the weariness of the ages: an obscure inheritance, the guilt of others, which he, surprised, couldn’t identify. He thought that maybe neither the shadow across the bed nor the outline against the light was real. [endquoteish]

He didn't do any incantations or ritual, all he did was chase a pair of books around. And in doing only that, he gets what everyone trying to use the Nine Gates is looking for . . . .

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