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Jul 26th 2012 at 1:14:40 PM •••

I heard that the game story plays out like an Theater/Shakespearean play, but how does one know that without doing research? A humble gamer that played the game for the first time ever may not know this things, and may find weird the monologues of the protagonist. People let the game have its way because "its his style" and i agree with it, but what would an expert on that area would say about the game execution? Do people though that, for example, Metroid Other M plays like a Theater play too just because the constant monologues? (apparently the makers of the game though so) What is what made the monologues of Lo K tolerable even for someone who isnt an expert on how to deliver this kind of things? (a normal gamer for example). Is this an effect of "fair for its day"? did gamers were more forgiving back in the era when the Polygon Ceiling was hitting the hardest and were trying to cling to the gameplay and story as much as they can?

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Jul 26th 2012 at 1:40:23 PM •••

There is no fridge logic here. It seems based on the idea that monologues are intolerable, which is just ridiculous.

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