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Twiddler MOD
Sep 12th 2019 at 2:30:25 PM •••

Kerry: So, you know, we got early versions of them all and were able to give them a little feedback here and there like ‘oh this isn’t canon, do this instead’ - uh, but, I mean really it was stories that I think they wanted to tell or thought were interesting or, like you were saying, moments that, maybe, they wish they’d seen in the show but we didn’t have time to cover.

This doesn't sound like a confirmation of the manga anthologies being canon, it just sounds like they were keeping them canon-compliant. The latter does not necessarily imply the former.

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Sep 14th 2019 at 8:35:23 AM •••

I edited the paragraph to clean up the wording just because it was so clunky. That was before I saw your post here so my edit does not take account of your post.

As for your post, I agree. The link also ties in with what I've been hearing while listening to the DVD Commentaries. They're offering their advice where they can on what's compatible with the canon, but there are reasons why that advice may not be taken: examples they cite include language barriers, availability of time, and their advice not being taken on that occasion.

So, really, the creators are advising on canon, but it's hit-or-miss as to whether that advice is adopted.

I agree with changing the description to 'canon-compliant' instead of 'canon'.

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