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Oct 27th 2017 at 9:45:32 PM •••

Only Human by Star Saber 21

Recommended by hopeshalllive.

Status: Complete.

Pairing: Jack Darby/ Arcee

Synopsis: Hello. So I have a nice Transformers Prime shipping fanfic called Only Human. The fanfic focuses on Jack and Arcee, who is turned into a human by an Iacon relic. The writing is very nice, with the relationship progressing steadily, and Arcee is depicted as adjusting to humanity, slowly, instead of knowing about everything immediately. Also, the attraction between the two is frequently played for laughs, especially when Arcee is innocently unaware of what she is doing, and it depicts the lives of the humans outside of the Transformers. While there is definitely some grammar problems. the fanfic is extremely funny and powerful, with action taking an equal role in the fanfic, with it taking place roughly after Loose Cannons and before Crossfire. It is widely agreed by the reviewers on the site to be one of the best fanfics ever in their opinion, and many think it should either be a movie, or it should have been part of the show, not many fanfics can claim that.

Type of fanfic: Romance/ Comedy

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