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May 15th 2014 at 3:35:52 PM •••

Okay, I was linked this fanfic by a friend of mine who knew nothing about Mass Effect. As a diehard fan, I got pissed. Like, legitimately angry in the reworking of the First Contact War to make the turians the ones at fault with no ambiguity.

Things only got worse there when the humans decided that the turians didn't deserve to know anything about them, but they sure as hell deserved to know everything about the turians.

This story elevates humanity to such a high position of authority that it completely undermines the united galaxy theme of Mass Effect. Am I the only one who saw this or am I just being grumpy?

And the reason I'm not making a review is because the first three chapters made me so angry as so utterly missing the point that I had to stop reading.

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May 15th 2014 at 4:18:32 PM •••

I've only read up to chapter 11 but I think you stopped short of the actual diplomacy happening. Just suspend your disbelief for a few more chapters and if you still hate it give up on it. Though honestly there's still a bit of Humanity is better at certain things that might turn you off. Truthfully, I really like that story's Udina.

Also keep in mind that just because the theme in the game is uniting the galaxy doesn't mean it'll happen overnight or at all in this fanfic.

Edit: OK I re-read the chapters and later on there is some discussion for a united galaxy so there is that to look forward to if you're still interested.

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May 15th 2014 at 7:50:48 PM •••

Perhaps, but from what I've heard there's still this air of human superiority within. I will say that in the story's defense that Whiskey seems nice enough, despite being a digital spy sent to steal all of the turian's data after wiping out all of THEIR data because humanity deserves to know everything, but god forbid the turian know anything at all.

(Sorry, I think I'm still simmering a little)

May 29th 2014 at 6:16:32 PM •••

Okay what? I mean complaining about the First Contact War when even in canon they were pretty much the ones at fault. Human explorers activate relay 314, the Turian patrol comes upon them and opens fire, the rest of the human fleet retaliates and things quickly escalate from there. The only real difference between this fic and canon is that humanity was fully prepared and curbstomps the suppression fleet. I mean I get what you're trying to say about not putting humanity on a can do no wrong pedestal and the message of uniting the galaxy to fight the reapers, but you have to put things into perspective. This fic was always going to be a HFY type of story, where humanity has had nearly three millenniums to improve their technology versus canon. The important this is

Jun 5th 2014 at 9:21:27 PM •••

Looking back, I may have overreacted. I haven't gotten much further in the story, but I did read PAST the HFY chapters.

The rest of the writing that I've seen is fine. Maybe not awe-inspiring, but nothing worth getting angry about.

@Midori - The canon FCW was the fault of both parties. But the turians opening fire on forces coming out of a Relay strikes me as grossly reckless and out of character for them. Someone recklessly opening a Mass Relay, that's worth a warning shot. A more in-character reaction to someone randomly appearing from the Relays would probably be "Train weapons and attempt contact".

And the turians getting their asses kicked and torn apart really put me in a sour mood. I admit, I was pretty angry when I wrote that first comment.

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