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May 1st 2018 at 6:36:16 AM •••

Can we trim this down a bit? The trope is FAMOUS Last Words. We don't have to list every single thing said by every single character, no matter how minor (and several of these are barely above extras) just because they said it a few seconds before they died. Shouldn't we save it for things people say before they die that are actually vaguely memorable, significant, or meaningful?

For example, Quicksilver's last words fit the description of Famous Last Words. Kurse's most certainly do not- they're just the last words he spoke on-screen before his death several minutes later at the end of the subsequent action scene.

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May 1st 2018 at 7:19:42 AM •••

I agree on this. If there's any disagreement on a certain quote then we can discuss it here and add it again if there is a consensus.

May 22nd 2016 at 8:35:39 AM •••

Is it really necessary to give the cause of death in the example? Most other last words pages don't do that.

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