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May 22nd 2014 at 4:36:12 PM •••

Is it for sure that Crystal Brown is selling Stephanie out? She looked at a picture of Cluemaster and said, "You have a problem Arthur", which COULD be viewed as, "Your plan is going to fail if you don't kill her" OR it could be, "You were supposed to give this up years ago you bastard, look what you've done". I feel a need to give her the benefit of the doubt here.

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May 22nd 2014 at 8:08:41 PM •••

While I suppose a twist like that could happen, it's obviously intended for the audience to think that Crystal is conspiring with Arthur. I don't see any problem with our page reflecting what the audience is meant to think at any moment, and it's not like we can't just edit in subversions later.

Also, you imply that Crystal is just "looking at a picture of Cluemaster" when she's clearly making some kind of video call. I doubt she would have that kind of free access to her supervillain husband if she weren't in on the scheme.

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May 23rd 2014 at 4:25:30 PM •••

I guess I just interpreted those events a little differently, but looking at it again, yeah, you're probably right, that is a video call. Thanks for the clarification.

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