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Apr 8th 2020 at 4:10:51 AM •••

Everytime a new character joins Ami could be considered spoiler. Jadeite? It establishes that more Sailor Moon characters come to the world. The youmas? It establishes Mercury\'s allegiance to Metallia. Other Keeper\'s minions like Rabixtrel, Eline or Monteraine? Establishes that these keepers will be defeated, and their minions will join Ami.

I\'m thinking that maybe we should leave all spoilers unmarked and put a giant warning sign.

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Apr 8th 2020 at 10:10:52 AM •••

Basically Ami has never rejected any Keeper\'s former minions who decide to take up a job with her, other than the vamps.

Minions can choose to surrender and immediately sign up with the other side...

For anyone other than Jadeite, that they join isn\'t a big spoiler, and I\'d leave it public. It just implies that somehow, she\'s got Youma. It doesn\'t say how, when, or even how useful they are.

The Youma, just looking at it, means that Ami somehow got Youma on her side, and we just call them Minor Characters. Anyone not knowing they\'re Youma, could just assume they\'re Underworlders.

Apr 10th 2020 at 11:18:09 PM •••

Should Tiger be considered a Minor Character? She has had more focus, development, speaking roles and importance than Marda. I believe she should be added to Ami\'s Advisors

Also, I\'ve noticed that we passed 60 characters. Shouldn\'t we at least divide the page in 2? I can\'t really think about an exact division, other than \"Heroes\" (Mercury and her army, Heroes, the Light, the Sailor Senshi) and \"Villains\" (Other Keepers, their minions, Dark Gods, the Dark Kingdom)

That way we could also put all characters who changed sides into their respective categories, while redirecting to the side where they had the most development.

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Mar 11th 2012 at 4:51:47 PM •••

Tiger is kind of an issue in where she is placed. She may have started out as a minor character, but is very much starting to move into the major character catagory here.

Mar 10th 2012 at 1:56:40 AM •••

Just a note, but Midori may be a male, as Midori has been described as being male at least once or twice in previous chapters. Julia however, which Midori regularly possess, most certainly is a female, which is where I think the gender confusion is coming from. Well, that and the fact that Mercury addresses Keeper Genders mainly by the bodies they're possessing at the time, such as when Mercury was possessing the first Horned Reaper.

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