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Aug 23rd 2013 at 12:35:22 PM •••

I was originally going to edit this reasoning into the entry (because I felt it was a more reasonable justification than what's given, especially since my reasoning would cover why Blanc has the same issue as well), but I think that would be Natter, so I'm posting it here.

Transformation Sequence: Each Goddess has one, just like in the games, and who the Goddess is determines exactly how nude they get. Noire and Vert have very fanservicey transformations that strip them down to underwear. Blanc and Nep on the other hand, have their entire body glowing. Then again, they would have to animate Neptune's rather drastic change in body type, which could look quite unnerving depending on how they did it, though it is anyone's guess their reasoning for doing it in Blanc's case.
I'm inclined to believe the flat-chested characters are fully glowing during that sequence because their appearance is much more child-like than Noire and Vert, rather than because they weren't fond of showing Neptune having a growth spurt. Since the studios involved are probably anticipating the anime to be dubbed, they just decided to just preemptively take care of any issues that may crop up from those implications. Alternatively, they just plan to show more on the DVD release and just censored it here.

And yes, this is despite the fact that the goddamned Trick (no reference intended; I really am not fond of Trick's character) shows up and is an obvious pedophile (which I believe is the sole reason the show is rated MA on Funimation's site).

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