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Okay, how many people saw Christina Aguilera attempt \
Okay, how many people saw Christina Aguilera attempt \\\"The Star-Spangled Banner\\\" on Super Bowl XLV?

How does that compare to her other attempt at this song? (To you, natch. It was granted with stony silence in Afghanistan, and the football players started goofing off near the end...)

[[strike:Did she get the verse wrong the other time?]] She just sang the first verse at the Super Bowl. She shouldn\\\'t have had to wing the lyrics.

She did have volume, and modern styles of pop are making it hard to determine what\\\'s a deliberate interpretation and what\\\'s simply offkey. <sigh>

I don\\\'t know if it\\\'s bad enough, but I do know it wasn\\\'t good.

ETA for asking a question whose answer should be obvious.

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