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I had listed a mediamatters recording of Beck saying \
I had listed a mediamatters recording of Beck saying \\\"slavery started with innocent intentions,\\\" and claiming that when it first came to America, it wasn\\\'t evil because the government hadn\\\'t put regulation on it. That\\\'s not hyperbole on my part, either. Here\\\'s the clip.

Now, I for one am getting tired of people trying to edit this article to make Beck look better than he is. As for the whole \\\"subjective trope\\\" thing, personally I think that rule is kind of dumb, since so called \\\"subjective tropes\\\" are listed on pretty much every work\\\'s page out there.

However, since someone is trying to start an edit war, I guess I\\\'ll just post this little hideous comment under NeverLiveItDown, since personally, I think this is Beck\\\'s most disgusting comment to date.

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