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\\\"We set the film 20 years prior to the events of the first film, but so-we still needed some degree of continuity there.\\\"

If he\\\'s *not* talking about story continuity, then that is a very specific sentence to utter out loud. He could have just described it as being set in the 80s for example, but he didn\\\'t. That\\\'s why his words matter in this regard. He didn\\\'t have to phrase it that way, especially as there would be no need for any degree of continuity if he wasn\\\'t being fully honest about the film\\\'s status.
Things like this have happened regarding Transformers properties before, notably with interviews regarding VideoGame/TransformersWarForCybertron and its sequel, where they describe it happening before the 80s cartoon. However *there* they were talking about inspiration and design choices.

But the other interview in particular is far more specific.

Here Lorenzo di Bonaventura contests the notion that the film isn\\\'t a prequel in any sense. Even debating a 1% margin for error. Whilst I\\\'m not sure I agree with that, that is his word on the subject.
Put it this way, the word \\\"reboot\\\" tends to get used pretty interchangeably in modern media these days. Its one of the reasons we have the term SoftReboot, because often a film will be described as a \\\"reboot\\\" when it isn\\\'t a ContinuityReboot. That\\\'s what Bonaventura was getting at by saying he doesn\\\'t like the term because he doesn\\\'t think people know what it means. People use the term loosely.
And it should be noted, in the Breakfast Time interview, the interviewer is using \\\"reboot\\\" in that sense.

That\\\'s one reason I mentioned Film/XMenFirstClass in the edit and added it to the page, because that film can be counted as a SoftReboot, and yet its still a prequel to the other films. When that film was released, debates arose as to whether that was a prequel or a ContinuityReboot as well (and yes I participated in those) with people arguing it was a reboot despite Mystique\\\'s visual design, Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romjin making cameos etc. Funnily enough, just like Bumblebee the first teaser used audio/visual cues from the first film of the series (in First Class\\\'s case, showing images of Xavier and Magneto from the first film, with Bumblebee it was Bobby Bolivia\\\'s car speech).

Essentially, when people say that the film has been referred to as a prequel in explicit terms, they\\\'re not exactly wrong. That\\\'s what I\\\'m contesting. This could end up being FlipFlopOfGod. It could end up being ShrugOfGod. It could end up being a case of LyingCreator.

Now whether anything will settle that moving forward is unclear, as other comments have Bonaventura admit that he\\\'s uncertain about how to handle Unicron, essentially leaving things uncertain whether they\\\'ll ever return to the plot-point from the end of the Bay films.

But yeah, whether the film does or doesn\\\'t end up being a prequel or a reboot, as far as everything goes I wouldn\\\'t say GodNeverSaidThat applies

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