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7th Oct, 2019 07:30:50 PM

I don't know if we have a "series-wide" version of Wangst, but if we do, that'd be the one you want

EDIT: Crapsack World is close, very close

Edited by 4tell0life4
8th Oct, 2019 01:12:20 PM

But I'm not thinking of Crapsack World, I'm thinking of a world that's supposed to be modern-day earth in a developed country, yet an improbable amount of horrible things happen to the characters. If the setting is explicitly such that you would expect all of those things to happen and it would be probable, that is just Crapsack World.

8th Oct, 2019 02:49:35 PM

Still, We Have This I Swear

Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy can result from "this", but I don't yet know what "this" is.


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