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25th Sep, 2019 03:36:02 AM

You're gonna have to give us more details about "what they're likely using as evidence."

27th Sep, 2019 10:58:10 PM

In Absolute Carnage #2 and Venom #18 (it's the same exchange, however):

Eddie: What... but Anne wore the symbiote. She would've had a codex in her.
Maker: I don't believe she did when she died, Eddie. I believe Dylan is that codex. I believe she passed it on to him.

I assume this is what Arawn is referring to (they cited the issues and nothing else).

I don't think she can pass down something to him when he is that thing. Not only that, but then if he is that codex then he wouldn't be half-human, but not human at all. It's strange and hasn't been addressed since (aside from Dylan's eyes glowing black), so I think it's better to wait for more information, especially since the comic is still currently ongoing.

Also, putting it here was less about that and more because, well, it is edit warring, isn't it? They put a thing, I removed it and they re-added it without discussion.

Edited by FuzzyBarbarian
28th Sep, 2019 09:27:11 AM

I PM'ed them and asked them to come here to discuss. I've also added a commented-out note advising of such.

28th Sep, 2019 03:34:25 PM

Fuzzy Barbarian is right that I was thinking about that exchange when I re-added it. Thinking about it, I agree that we don't really know what Dylan is beyond that he was is a symbiote codex, was born in a human form, and currently looks like a ~ nine year-old human. Dylan could be part human like Karl Malus currently is, or he could be a symbiote in human form like Tyrannosaurus was. Until we know for sure, I agree that it should be taken out and apologize for edit-warring.

29th Sep, 2019 09:42:26 PM

Cool, I'll change the comment so people know they can update it once more information is available.


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