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13th Aug, 2019 10:05:17 AM

A look through the Boss Battle index suggests Cat-and-Mouse Boss.

Edited by HeraldAlberich
13th Aug, 2019 11:45:05 AM

^ That's only if the boss is chasing you. What method exactly is used to make it vulnerable determines what trope it is. Puzzle Boss and Tactical Suicide Boss are both likely.

Edited by pikachu17
13th Aug, 2019 03:07:13 PM

For both Puzzle Boss and Tactical Suicide Boss, once you've either solved the puzzle or tricked the boss into hurting itself, the boss is automatically damaged by it. What I'm thinking of is not the boss being damaged by you doing the thing, but the boss being made able to be damaged - You might have to hurry to get in as many attacks as possible before it becomes invincible again, and it might still be attacking you even while it's vulnerable.

13th Aug, 2019 06:49:29 PM

thanks, that seems to be it


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