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14th Apr, 2019 01:51:16 PM

I think the fanfic/ namespace is getting misused here, but I'm not really opposed to the troper page being used this way.

15th Apr, 2019 02:21:41 AM

Fanfic/ is definitely misused if it's about a writer and not a specific work or series — although there are precedents with WebAnimation or WebVideo/ compiling the works of the same creators, and not so much about the authors themselves.

But yes, moving such pages to Creator/ when possible is certainly best.

15th Apr, 2019 10:10:24 AM

Aren't Troper pages reserved for use by the troper themselves, to the point of being uneditable by anyone other than the troper and the mods? If that's what you're talking about, I don't think another troper ought to be trying to "move" this content to another page.

If you want to make a Creator page for a fanfic writer based on the information you have about them as a creator, then that seems perfectly reasonable, whether or not the author is also a troper. However, in my opinion, linking that to their status as a troper doesn't seem appropriate—the fact an author uses TV Tropes is unlikely to be at all relevant to their works.


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