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Fighteer MOD
14th Oct, 2018 07:59:02 AM

Bounced for hate speech.

14th Oct, 2018 08:00:50 AM

Banned them.

eta: Huh, seems like we ban-conflicted...

Edited by SeptimusHeap
14th Oct, 2018 02:01:31 PM

Um — how are brackets "hate speech"? I mean, to me, it just sounds like a newbie messed up on formatting Wikiwords.

Edited by FranksGirl
14th Oct, 2018 02:03:47 PM

If it weren't exclusively around Jewish persons, sure.

Otherwise, not so much.

14th Oct, 2018 07:02:32 PM

Gah. That's...i have no words. Thanks for explaining.

14th Oct, 2018 11:21:03 PM

Probably a text-replacement plugin on top of all of that.

Edited by bwburke94
14th Oct, 2018 11:45:55 PM

No, the way some of those edits happen around first names only shows it was a "human" who deliberately did this. Which is worse.

Also, Google banned the extension that did these particular replacements from the Play Store, precisely because it was hate speech.

Edited by LB7979
15th Oct, 2018 12:46:02 AM

I'd wager a plugin (possibly homebrewed) since it put the brackets around the words "Don was", evidently mistaking them for a reference to the stage name of the frontman of Was (Not Was).

Not that it matters, really. Still a sign of someone the wiki is better off without.


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