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6th Nov, 2017 06:18:17 PM

It's not necessarily that the writng of the story was flawed, but merely that the viewer was distracted by a subplot less important than the main plot, to the point that their disappointment is mostly due to nitpicking the details that thye cared more about, with some justifications caused by the writing.

6th Nov, 2017 06:58:39 PM

There's Just Here for Godzilla, where the viewer only watches a work for one specific aspect that's not the main focus of the story.

There's also Come for the X, Stay for the Y, where the viewer is attracted to a work because of one aspect, but remains hooked because of an entirely different one.

8th Nov, 2017 06:53:37 PM

Just Here for Godzilla is close, but what I'm looking for is a viewer's reaction to/interpretation of a work that results because of the Just Here for Godzilla mentality they have to a certain subplot.