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Superman vs Wonder Woman: Truth and Justice (?)

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Aug 23rd 2017 at 1:45:05 PM

There's always been that image of SM/WW as American cultural icons - if the red, white, and blue motif wasn't a clue - they both stand for truth, justice, and the American way, but which one does, or did it better?

Which character is more politically relevant?

Does Wonder Woman fit the role of "All-American Superhero" or is Superman still the more iconic "Red and Blue Boyscout?"

Which character has changed the most from their original incarnations?

Aug 23rd 2017 at 6:49:49 PM

Diana pretty much stopped being an "All American Superhero" after post crisis.

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Aug 24th 2017 at 4:36:41 AM

What windleopard said. By the time her origin was revamped in that Wolfman/Perez comic, Wonder Woman completely drops the whole patriotic angle and focus more on her Amazon/Greek/Olympian elements. The only comic I can think of in recent times that utilize her as a patriotic character was that Legend of Wonder Woman series (which I wish continues as I would love to see how it handles her other villains).

Now Superman definitely wins for being the All American Hero. The character was raised in America by kindly farmers from a rural country. He is shown to have no problems cooperating with the authority figures as all he wants to do is help out his country when dealing with threats. He is often portrays as the everyman American in his Clark Kent identity. And he is an iconography in American cultures. Not to mention the portrayal of him and his family in the recent comics which could be seen as the new ideal American Family.

Though one could argue that lately Superman has been downplaying the American aspect to his character. Like for example how the term "American Way" has been droped from the things he stands for (well except for Brave and The Bold where the "American Way" is actually a hamburger and a milkshake, god I love that show). A lot of times most media just play up the Messiah aspects to his character to avoid the American Hero traits he showcase in comics.

But in the end, I would say Superman is the more American theme super hero than Wonder Woman. Either way, they will never be more patriotic than Uncle Sam.

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Aug 26th 2017 at 3:54:53 PM

Wonder Woman has as well frequently been presented as an ambassador from the Amazons, rather than as an American. As far as I can remember, she's usually, even in the pre-Crisis stories, not portrayed as an American, or even particularly wanting to be an American. If you asked her, she'd tell you that she's an Amazon. She's an exotic foreigner who's here to help, whereas Superman, while an alien by birth, is an American by inclination.

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