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Ambiguous Name: Fetish

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IndirectActiveTransport You Give Me Fever from Chicago Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
You Give Me Fever
Feb 2nd 2017 at 7:44:49 PM

The Casual Kink page seems to accurately describe what a kink is, so it's weird you'd even bring up paraphillia when kink is the common vernacular, a more accurate way of describing the subject and already accurately described on the wiki.

That is to say a fetish at its most basic is an object that is seen as the embodiment of larger concept, while a sexual fetish is when someone cannot be sexually aroused when the object in question is absent. It is, of course, quite rare. When someone is merely aroused by something that isn't related to sex, that's a kink, which are very common.

Casual kink kind of gets the difference across in another way. Someone's kink could be seen as revolting or amoral but it's a just small part of someone's social life, if not shown or told you'd probably never know. A true sexual fetish tends to be considered a problem, as it's tied to impotence, ED and such.

My proposals for a first step would be to either rename fetish to kink or give fetish a more accurate description. If the first course of action is taken, related pages like Fetish Fuel should probably be renamed too. Another step might be adding proper examples of fetish, as an objective trope used in media, although I can't personally think of any examples besides some real life cases, so that could just be left to future edit requests or repair shop threads if no one else comes up with any before the main issues of page name and description are solved.

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SeptimusHeap Christmas worms from Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Christmas worms
Feb 3rd 2017 at 1:33:52 PM

Imma decline this thread, considering that we have a big backlog and it's not clear why action is needed here - a distinction between "fetish" and "kink" does not merit a rename on its own.

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