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FantasyLiver Spidophile from The Dagobah System Relationship Status: How YOU doin'?
Aug 4th 2017 at 6:08:28 AM


"You haven't seen the flyers around town? My moniker is the Riddler!" Nigma gleefully proclaimed to "Queen"

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Aug 4th 2017 at 6:52:28 AM

Transformation Status! 

Suddenly everyone had ran off towards some yelling that sounded like it was from Ben. Kamina attempted to quickly follow along but as he got up Simon could clearly see that his knee was still bad. "A-are you going to be ok bro?" asked Simon worryingly. Kamina simply smiled at Simon, rubbed his hair, and told him, "Yeah. Going to take something a hell of a lot worse than this to stop the mighty Kamina!"

The duo held eye contact for a bit and then Simon nodded, still looking concerned. Using his sheathed sword as a support, Kamina and Simon made it to where everyone ran off to and the sight was something. Shenhua was holding some rope and was on the ground with Ben, who had said rope around his ankles and looked like he was crying, while Delta had his hand on top of Shenhua's hand while having his yellow light on, drill equipped.

Kamina made the first obvious assumption and thus he glared at Shenhua, telling her "Hey, what's the big idea!? Like beating up kids or something!?" and then the Team Dai-Gurren leader asked Ben, "Is she bothering ya Ben? Because me and Simon can convince her to stop if you want!"

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Ominae Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Aug 4th 2017 at 7:36:18 AM

Gon, getting respawned.

The last thing Gon remembered before he collapsed from the fatal gunshot wounds was his captors removing the hood from his hood and removing the ropes from his wrists.


Now at the hospital.

When Gon woke up, he found himself to be in some kind of hospital. He's not sure where though.

Ungh... The assassin slowly stood up. He later heard an argument coming from somewhere.

He was a bit weak, so he propped himself against the wall, using his right hand/arm to help him stand up as he tried move as fast as possible. His left hand was placed on his chest, still feeling the sensation of being shot there.

Gon heard some people shouting from nearby, so he went off to investigate what the hell was going on.

He could see someone at the distance, so he moved up a bit close to see what's happening.

Who the heck is he?

Gon saw Kamina in a confrontation with Shenhua.

"Hey!" He shouted, trying to get their attention. "What the hell is going on here?!"

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ScorpioRat from Houston, Texas Relationship Status: Forming Voltron
Aug 4th 2017 at 7:52:43 AM


"Ah right, The Riddler. It's...fitting." That explained what he had yelled out to Miss Tairee earlier. She really hoped he didn't expect her to start coming up with those.

"I'll come back here when i find something out then, Sir." Satisfied that her plan was working, Makoto left the library and summoned her Persona again. Now she had to try and run into those vigilantes Riddler had been talking about, but now that she knew that the city constantly shifted around, this might take a while... The sun was still high in the sky, and she couldn't tell what time it was at all. Maybe she should find somewhere to recover before going out on a real search. That fight with today's "boss" was still tiring, even if she had mostly healed herself, and she'd eventually run out of steam trying to constantly use Anat.

Makoto took off on her motorcycle again, picking one of the clusters of buildings at random to start exploring.

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Aug 4th 2017 at 8:04:37 AM

The hospital

Ben still lay on the ground sniffling, when Simon, Kamina and Gon both showed up and asked what was going on.

"No, she's not bothering me, guys," Ben told them, sitting up but wincing when he saw how tight the rope was. "I'm just... worried about my friends is all. They're in danger, but if I do anything to try and help I'll apparently make things worse, I might hurt them," he admitted. "I'm still scared about them. I don't like them being trapped in someone else's mind..."

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Courtroom Ronin
Aug 4th 2017 at 9:41:00 AM

Okay Okay, Hospital

"Is no easy just waiting and hoping, yes? But heroes goes through many trials." Shenhua hummed, deciding to just merrily ignore the robot boys and the one she wasn't knowledgable with, releasing Ben's ankle. "Sorry for being rough. Cannot convey message otherwise, yes? Am bad with people that way." Giving him one last pat on the head she stood up - having ostentatiously shaken off Delta's hand - and rolled back the rope with the marshmallow kukri at the end.

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Aug 4th 2017 at 11:56:04 AM


Well, at least that was one problem down- Louie seemed to have taken it upon himself to talk things out with this Veela woman. There was no way this could go wrong. Seeing as that particular issue was taken cared of, the doll turned her attention towards Fastanook to expressionlessly hand out a thumbs-up. Her friends had told her that it was a positive gesture that could be used for a multitude of situations after all, and what better situation was there then a misunderstanding being cleared up.

Anyways, now that the various obstacles were taken cared of... "Hungry..." Moving towards the building proper, the doll would try to go through the doors and see what delicacies she would be able to sample on this fine day. Really, eating and drinking were often the only indulgences the doll seemed to give herself and even then it was because of her unique situation that meant high caloric consumption was all but necessary for the long term.

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AllHailThrall For the Horde! from Hoenn Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
For the Horde!
Aug 4th 2017 at 6:36:40 PM

The hospital

Ben winced and looked at his foot, then stood up and nodded.

"...Thanks," he told her, starting to walk away from the room. He glanced back at it, then sighed and moved back into the lobby. When he entered the lobby, Ben curled up on one of the chairs, sighing and looking worried still. He started to dig into his bag, seeing the alpaca doll that Eve carried around. Ben reached his arms around it to hug it close before continuing to sit on the chair.

"I hope they'll be all right," Ben muttered softly.

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Katarsus As valid a reason as any Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
As valid a reason as any
Aug 4th 2017 at 6:44:39 PM

Mary (Library) - Delicious Creativity

Mary had always been a curious child. And, like all curious children, she had the tendency to put in her mouth things that children should not regularly put in their mouths. Understandably, the colorful blocks from the box were far too tempting, so naturally she brought one to her mouth after sniffing it.

And then another one. And then another one. And another, and another, and another.

She spent half of the following several minutes devouring blocks left and right. It was only when her stomach started rumbling rather loudly that she stopped herself, and proceeded to experiment with their intended use. The structures she built with them were... well, anything she felt familiar. It started with simple things, like bunnies and butterflies and little blue dolls with red eyes, but eventually her projects started to be more and more ambitious. Ib, Garry (the person), her parents, some of her former siblings, people she had met in the City, Garry (the stuffed bunny) and even things she'd drawn in her Sketchbook, all started to take form in front of her one after another.

Even the children around her and the alpaca were replicated through the toy blocks, and so were Miss Tairee and some random passersby. However, soon she found herself facing an important predicament. Namely, she needed something else she needed to know before she could continue.

"Hey, Miss Tairee?" Mary asked suddenly, turning her head towards one the librarian. "What does the person you work for look like?"

Ominae Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Aug 4th 2017 at 9:18:15 PM

Gon, meeting up in hospital

"How did this happen?"

Gon asked Ben when he heard the news.

"About being in someone's mind... do you know who it is?"

He didn't wait for a reply, thinking that he needed some time out. He faced Kamina and asked him.

"What happened around here?"

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Aug 4th 2017 at 11:13:39 PM


Curly cast a momentarily confused glance at Tester before clarifying "Well, I'm not planning on getting us all killed if that's what you mean. But even if we take out Distrust and Resentment,we're not gonna have enough time to get the other 5 before the day ends and we have to start over. At least not at... Whatever time of day it is by now"

FirockFinion THE SLORG! from The Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Aug 4th 2017 at 11:47:59 PM

Outside the buffet

Fastanook just gave Orchid a confused look, before turning his attention back to Wells to continue their conversation while walking away. "So, how far back, anyway?" Wells asked the gremlin.

"Uh, I'm not sure. She looks about the same age as I remember, and it was just a couple months ago" Fastanook responded, which was about the last Orchid would pick up before they were out of earshot.

Meanwhile, there was still no sign of the Annas, or any response to Wang's calling. Not far away, Louie was looking around before stamping a foot in frustration. "Dang it! Stupid buildings moving around!" Louie said in frustration, before grabbing his walkie talkie. "Hey Ben? It's Louie; the hospital got moved away from me and I can't find it. I'm gonna look around for it or the library and spend the night at whichever I get to first" the trainer reported on the City Knights' channel.

"Oh and if you're still with Veela, tell her those militia jerks are keeping something secret from her! I don't know what it is, but it's got that Fastanook dude acting all scared about even talking to her; the whiny coward" Louie then continued on the channel as he kept walking around the streets.


Veela looked uncertain and worried about the various yelling, but turned her focus to Shenhua. "Well, I saw him run outside in the battle earlier. I'm not sure where he is now..." Veela said, then moved downstairs, happening to be in the lobby when Ben's walkie talkie was going off with Louie's report.

Veela stared towards him a moment, before looking down towards the floor with her ears pinning back. "I had a feeling there was a secret. But I just don't get it; I already know he's an Emberlight gremlin, and he knows I know. We had an argument about Tinkinzar and everything... What the heck is going on?" Veela muttered, and sniffled a bit as she rubbed at her muzzle; she sounded upset in both the sense that she wanted to cry, and that she was angry.


The Miss Tairee there with the kids had actually just been starting to put some of them to 'bed' already. Of course, in this case that meant a comfy couch, pillows and blankets, and magic little areas of shadow and sound deafening, so that they could sleep despite the lights on and the sun being out. Miss Tairee then raised her eyebrows with a quiet, "hmm?" and turned to Mary as she called out to the librarian. "Oh, I'm sorry Mary. I can't tell you that" Miss Tairee answered Mary, her tone slightly apologetic though she had a gentle smile on her face as she shook her head.


"Then you are slightly mistaken about the function of this realm. When the day transition occurs in the physical realm, you will not be forcibly removed from this realm. You will be booted out if the transition was to one of the days of forced peace; the next of such days is scheduled to be the twentieth day, which means that right now you have over forty eight hours until you would be forcibly removed from this realm" Tester clarified to Curly.

"That is why this stealthy approach that is relatively slow is currently fine. However outright wasting time is still not recommended" Tester then added.

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Aug 5th 2017 at 12:44:54 AM

Chase the Gremlin, Hospital

"Don't hear no noise, so maybe fighting stopped." Shenhua shrugged. "We not go, we not know." Slowly she stood up and stretched a little before following Veela.

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Aug 5th 2017 at 8:36:03 AM

Outside the Buffet - A Wang on a mission

Lo Wang didn't need Louie's words to realize what must have happened to the Anna's, but it certainly confirmed it. He screwed his face up and groaned, frustrating welling up in him. "Fuck!"

The gummy mask at his side suddenly lifted up and zipped away, before the rest of Hoji flashed into existence, the demon's usually black and red robes now candy-cane patterned and coloured. "Huh, so we finally lost the hot topic twins, then? Alright, no more babysitting." He pranced around, cackling and generally being annoying. "I mean, what were they thinking? Punk stopped being chic, like, so last year." The Ancient put on an exaggerated valley girl accent, before going back to normal. "So, now what, Wang? Ooh, how about we actually find out more about this place instead of holed up in some hotel room?"

Wang adjusted his weapons to make sure they were in place, his attention split between that, Hoji and still looking around to get an idea of where he was. "Where going to look for them."

The demon stood up straight, looking and sounding shocked. "What? But why? We just got rid of them! I know you've got a thing for twins-" "They're not twins." Wang interjected, and was promptly ignored. " but there's a time to let it go, buddy. There's other fish in the sea.Hey!" Hoji pointed at the hitman with both hands, walking forward slightly before splaying them wide, "Why not bang one of those alien chicks instead? Plenty to choose from."

Wang started to move off, the demon trailing behind him in near-disbelief. He glanced back at Hoji with a stern look. "It's not about that. I made a deal with them that I'd protect them if they told us more about the city until they could find someone else. They've given us plenty of information, so I'm upholding my side of the bargain. I keep my deals and promises, something you should be happy about."

Hoi sighed, and bowed his head which causes his melting gummy mask to wobble. "Yeah, yeah, I get it. Our deal, yada yada. Do you have to make such a compelling argument? Geeze, you're almost making me feel guilty."

Wang chuckled. "You? Feeling guilty? That I find hard to believe."

The Ancient pointed dramatically at the hitman, amusement in his voice. "Ah, I did say almost." Then he disappeared back into his mask and attached himself to the man's belt. "Let's just get going. I don't want you going all broken hero on me if something happens before we find them."

After they had moved a block, Wang started to call out for the Annas again as he moved through the streets.

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For the Horde!
Aug 5th 2017 at 10:40:14 AM

The hospital

Ben looked up at Gon. "Long story," Ben replied to Gon. "But it's not a good idea to go chasing after them. You could hurt them." glanced over at his walkie talkie. It was Louie! He couldn't find the hospital, so he would hole up at the library. Ben glanced back up towards the meditation room. He didn't want to abandon Eve, not again. It was his fault she was like this right now. He sighed.

"Sounds like a plan. By the way, while you're there, could you get like... 4 or 5 more walkie talkies?" Ben asked Louie. "I might have some new recruits I want to bring into the Knights." After that, he glanced over at Veela, who looked positively crestfallen. Ben got up and walked over to the gremlin, patting her on the shoulder.

"Don't be sad, Veela," Ben insisted, though he didn't have a whole lot of experience comforting people. "We'll help you. If we can. If he's keeping a secret from you.... hm. What if I turned into... whatever you are, and asked him about it or something?"

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FirockFinion THE SLORG! from The Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Aug 5th 2017 at 10:11:40 PM

Hospital, lobby

"Yeah, I can do that" Louie's voice responded on the walkie talkie simply.

Veela meanwhile looked over at Ben with a surprised expression. "You can turn into a gremlin?" Veela asked, sounding a little amazed.

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AllHailThrall For the Horde! from Hoenn Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
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Aug 5th 2017 at 10:14:49 PM

The hospital

Ben grinned at the walkie talkie.

"Great!" Ben stated. "I'll catch up with you as soon as I can, man. I'm taking care of some stuff at the hospital." He then looked over at Veela, shook his head at Veela's response.

"Not yet, I can't," Ben told her. "If an alien touches my watch, I'll be able to turn into that alien," he explained. "So if you touch the watch, I can turn into... a gremlin, if that's what you guys are called, yeah. You think it's a good idea?" he asked.

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FirockFinion THE SLORG! from The Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Aug 5th 2017 at 10:47:40 PM

Hospital, lobby

Veela looked uncertain, but then shrugged. "It's not like I have another plan. Um, if you don't know anything about us though, it might be hard to get him to trust you" Veela mentioned, as she carefully poked a hand at the omnitrix. "I guess I'll have to tell you about us, and our world then?" she asked.

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AllHailThrall For the Horde! from Hoenn Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
For the Horde!
Aug 5th 2017 at 11:53:19 PM

The hospital

Ben looked down at the Omnitrix, which beeped and glowed yellow once Veela poked at it. Sure enough, on the Omnitrix's face, there was a silhouette that looked a lot like Veela. He glanced down at the watch and scratched his head.

"Well, here goes," Ben said, pressing the button on the watch. There was a green flash of light, and in an instant, Ben shrunk down. His face poked out, while orange fur grew out all over his body. His ears grew and shot up to the top of his head, while his teeth grew and sharpened. When the green light faded, Ben was now in the form of a gremlin. He looked down at his hands.

"Yeah, I guess you will have to tell me stuff, so I don't stick out like a sore thumb," Ben-in-gremlin-form replied. "What are the important things I should know? And oh, anyone around here have a blanket or something for me to wear as a cloak so I can hide my Omnitrix?"

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Aug 6th 2017 at 12:54:31 AM

Hospital Lobby
Transformation Status! 

Kamina, who had walked with Gon to the lobby, explained to him, "Don't really know myself. Sounds like a bunch of Ben's pals are doing somekind of mission and that chick stopped him from going after them. Just thought that Ben was getting the crap beat out of him but it turns out that she wasn't really hurting him!" While it was still a bit excessive, it wasn't something new to see for Kamina. After all, Yoko does it too!

The other half of the Spiral duo had witnessed Ben getting a new form. He took off his jacket and offered it to the now small Ben. "This might be really big and it doesn't show the front........but here" said Simon, which Kamina followed up with offering his right arm wrap, telling Simon and Ben, "Don't worry Simon! He can just close the jacket with this!"

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Ominae Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Aug 6th 2017 at 6:21:12 AM

Gon in Hospital

"Thanks." He thanked Kamina for the information.

He then heard from Ben, now in the gremlin form, asking someone for assistance to hide his Omnitrix from plain sight.

"Is there something else that I need to know?"

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Courtroom Ronin
Aug 6th 2017 at 6:44:34 AM

Shenhua Dislikes Overcomplicated Plans, Hospital

"Why not just ask him?" She questioned, watching Ben turn into a critter not unlike Veela. Really, that watch was plenty amazing. "If trick is found out, he bottle up more and you'll be left with no thing."

Kamina meanwhile was explaining the intricacies of the last few moments with this Gon man. "Aiya, he may have bruise or two." She admitted cheerily. "But he made of hard stuff, this boy. So, you and Simon, where you from with robots like these?"

Gon asked if he needs to know anything more. "They have it covered. You no worry, yes?"

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Katarsus As valid a reason as any Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
As valid a reason as any
Aug 6th 2017 at 4:49:39 PM

Mary (Library) - Spreading The Joy

"Awww... okay."

There was a brief look of disappointment on Mary's face, but it was replaced by her usual joy almost immediately.

"Well, can you at least tell him I said thanks? It'd mean a lot to me," she requested, picking up the little Miss Tairee figurine she'd made. "Here! This one's for you! I made lots and lots for everyone and I want to..."

Her rambling was momentarily interrupted by a very wide yawn, but she continued talking almost immediately, as if nothing had even happened.

"To give everyone theirs. Can you help me with that tomorrow maybe?"

Ominae Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Aug 6th 2017 at 6:30:34 PM

Gon and Shenhua.

Gon sighed when Shenhua asked him.

"Not really. Just needed to catch up on things. Besides... it's better to be safe than sorry."

The assassin went on check on the hand on his chest after the sensation of being shot in the chest was gone. His hand didn't show signs of blood or anything else.

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FirockFinion THE SLORG! from The Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Aug 6th 2017 at 8:25:10 PM

Hospital lobby

Veela looked a bit impressed, then glanced at Shenhua. "But, he's already keeping it a secret from me. Why would he tell me if I asked?" Veela answered simply, with a slightly confused tone.

She turned back towards Ben, then paused to let out a yawn. "... Oh, um... I think I'll have to just give you a summary for now. I could elaborate tomorrow; we could also get stuff from the library lady to make you a proper gremlin outfit" Veela suggested to Ben, then took a deep breath to start summarizing. "Our world's called Cradle, it has a labyrinth of machinery running through it we call the Clockworks. Gremlin society is ruled by King Tinkinzar; we have a lot of power in the Clockworks, especially thanks to our robotic machines we build to help us. There's the wild beasts, some of which we tame, like the wolvers. There's also the slime kingdom, though we mainly just stay out of each others' way. There's the bureaucratic fiends, though again we just try to stay out of each others' way. Then finally there's some areas of the Clockworks overrun with undead from ancient races; we avoid them. I'm a loyal Ironclaw gremlin, but Fastanook is a rebel gremlin from Emberlight, a split off gremlin 'clan' opposed to King Tinkinzar's rule. Some while ago, a force of alien invaders have come to Cradle; strong, armored figures who call themselves knights of a 'Spiral Order'. I've heard that nobody's ever seen them outside of their armor, so some of us think they might be robots, like our own mechanical knights. They've already torn their way through the weaker Tenderfoot clan gremlins in the upper Clockworks, but us Ironclaws have a plan to use our famous munitions factory to create siege machines to attack the Spiral Order's beachhead on the surface" the gremlin explained at length, sounding proud towards the end.

Then she slouched a bit. "And that's... Basically it. If you have any questions, let's hear them tomorrow..." Veela said, then moved to find somewhere in the lobby she could try to sleep.

Hours passed by, and nothing seemed to change this time, with the sun still up high in the sky, until suddenly everything blurred...


Miss Tairee took the simple, little block construction of herself and smiled. "He already knows, Mary. And thank you; I'll be sure to treasure it" Miss Tairee said, then held it up. It telekinetically floated over to the central desks, placing itself next to Miss Tairee's computer as the Miss Tairee sitting there was typing. With a blur, a small bubble appeared around the figurine, ensuring nobody could take it or try to destroy it.

"Now Mary, you should be getting to sleep soon" the Miss Tairee still sitting with the children told Mary, then leaned forward a little closer to the girl. "This day is cheating; it's not the same time of day that it's pretending to be outside" the librarian mentioned in a quiet, playful tone, as if sharing some little secret.

Miss Tairee then worked on creating one more spot of sound dampening darkness on a nearby couch with some pillows and blankets, for Mary to use once she felt ready. Hours passed by, and nothing seemed to change outside, but the Miss Tairee at the central desk looked up with a slightly stoic expression, and moments later everything blurred...


Miss Tairee appeared with a blur, her outfit back to its normal colors and no longer made of food. She looked thoughtful for a moment, then decided to speak first. "... I'm still surprised that worked" Miss Tairee said. There was the telltale sound of a pen being used to write on paper.

"It would have been inconvenient to stop time, transfer you to a universe to retire, depower you, then find a new person to hire as Sekreh Tairee, train them, explain what they need to know about the project, place them in the city, then finally resume time. Plus it was interesting enough in the moment, and provided an excuse for some humorous, alternative options. But don't expect it to work a second time; try it again, and I'll depower you, then leave you in the city at the whims of the other residents."

Miss Tairee's expression remained neutral, and she took a breath and let it out through her nose. "Well, I wouldn't really call it 'fair', but I suppose that's understandable" Miss Tairee stated, shrugging slightly. "So, next day planned out yet?" she then asked. There was the sound of writing in response, as a piece of paper floated over to Miss Tairee for her to read.

"Yes. It includes a surprise for you which you'll see when the day actually starts."

"Seems straight forward. Interesting reward" Miss Tairee commented, raising an eyebrow. There was the scratching of a pen on paper.

"I was thinking of inviting T.E.S.T.E.R. to operate the location on the break days."

"Oh? That would be nice" Miss Tairee muttered with a nod and a slight smile. "Well, I'm ready then" she added. There was more sounds of writing.

"Then let us begin."

Day eighteen, Matters of size

The library seemed back to its normal self, with none of the furniture or floors or windows edible any longer. The sky outside no longer had a sun, and the orange glow of the fake dawn was still slowly ebbing away. Miss Tairee was now standing on her desk, close to the same size as the figurine placed on it. Miss Tairee looked at her computer for a moment, which was now far larger than she was, then tried flicking her wrist to bring up the holographic screen from her bracelet; thankfully, it had shrunk in size proportionally with her. With some quick typing, she had a second of herself appear over by where the children were sleeping with a blur; she was about to continue typing, when she heard a quiet, "orders, cap'n?" in a Southern accent from down below.

With a glance down at the space in the middle of the central desks, Miss Tairee saw some kind of miniature building, a handful of likewise miniature, industrial construction vehicles along with some patches of blue crystals and vents of green gas in the floor nearby. Miss Tairee stared at them and blinked, before sighing and face palming for a moment. "... Alright, you might as well get started" Miss Tairee said after a pause, waving her arm vaguely in the direction of the minerals, which the mini-SCVs promptly took to start gathering from and returning to the mini-command center. Miss Tairee then looked over to where, also on one of the central desks, Cole Junior was now several times larger, looking almost like a capybara, though was still asleep in the cage he now barely fit in. With some more typing, the cage and Cole Junior blurred and vanished from the top of the desk, and reappeared next to the desk; the cage was now also much larger.

The Miss Tairee nearby the children's' couches, after pausing for a bit in disbelief at what the other of her had just discovered, brought up her own holographic screen and started typing. She quickly set it so that once the children started to wake up on their own, their individual little area of darkness would slowly dissipate.

Out in the streets

The radios in each building were silent at the moment, and the streets were pretty empty, as even those who had been out were now for the most part, suddenly much smaller. There was one notable exception though, and with a buzzing of wings that was now a fair volume due to their much larger size, the just under six feet tall 'Little' Spiderbee swooped around just above the rooftops. "Hellooo! Where'd everybody go?! Why's everything my size now?!" Little Spiderbee called out to nobody in particular, looking around in vain to try to spot any of what were normally giants to her.


Veela, still her normal size, was sleeping peacefully in one corner of the lobby, snoring slightly.

Upstairs, Dave groggily came to in the hallway, and stumbled his way back into the meditation room while rubbing at his bleary eyes. After bumping into something soft, Dave blinked a few times, looking at the large, pink slipper in front of him. He looked upwards at the now relatively-massive Sans, and with some more looking around the room, saw that Curly and Eve were also still the same size. There was no sign of Rex, Rick, Morty, or Silanea from Dave's current angle though, probably because they were on top of the mattress, which was now huge from Dave's perspective.

"... Well shit" Dave commented dryly.

Mindscape, day 18

"The day change has occurred in the physical realm. The meditation runes are still functional" Tester suddenly announced, though there was no visible change or effect inside the mindscape. "We will arrive at where Resentment and Distrust are waiting in about two minutes" the AI then added.

Two minutes later, and finally after hours of precariously making their way across the broken landscape behind them, they arrived at the far end of the 'bowl'. Ahead of them was a relatively flat, open space; at the far end of it, just off the edge of the bowl, a massive plume of smoke was rising up into the sky to roil into the clouds above. Two figures were standing in front of the plume and looking up at it. One was a slightly tall man, in a grey, pinstripe suit, and the other, was... A somewhat short skeleton, in a blue hoodie, and pink slippers.

"We have arrived. In front of you stands Distrust and Resentment" Tester went ahead and mentioned, as the two turned to face the group with their usual grins.

"About time you all showed up" the not!Jackson said, rather casually.

"Silanea's Distrust is a manifestation of, of course, her inability to fully trust others, but also her specific ill will towards the human species. He naturally holds her Trust captive, degrading her ability to see the potential for humans to be anything other than deceptive and xenophobic" Tester mentioned. Distrust seemed to have a small bird-cage attached to his belt, in which was a tiny figure, very hard to make out.

"we were starting to wonder if you were still coming, since the guilts lost track of ya'" the not!Sans said, casually flipping a gold coin up in the air over and over with one hand.

"Silanea's Resentment is a manifestation of her feelings that her life will always be horrible and go wrong, as well as her jealousy towards others. Especially those who were in somewhat similar scenarios, but had things go right for them. He holds her Friendship captive, which represents her desires to see other people be happy, and her empathy in general" Tester explained on. Resentment was holding another small bird-cage in his other hand, in which was a tiny figure, though not as tiny as the figure in the other cage; as such, they could actually make out who it was: Curly. "When she arrived to the city, her Friendship was still free, and was the driving force that led her to found the Non-Human Alliance, to see others be protected from the same evils she had endured. But a few days ago, events in the physical realm caused her Friendship to weaken and be trapped by Resentment, which is why she no longer feels any drive to lead her group. More recent events have somewhat strengthened both again, but as you can see, it has not yet been enough" the AI then went on.

"Hey, enough talk! Are we doing this?!" Distrust hollered, though still seemed excited.

"yeah, i'm eager to see if that chump's as lucky as silanea thinks he is" Resentment stated, looking at Sans. He glanced over the rest of the party, then paused. "whoa wait, time out a second. why are you hurt already? the guilts didn't touch you guys" the skeleton then asked, looking at Rex.

There was a little plastic clink in each of the party's cans. "Perception checks" Tester informed them.

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