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DeisTheAlcano from Uruguay Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Mar 14th 2017 at 8:53:08 PM

The Library — Quiet in the library

The people in the library reacted as well as you would expect. They were all talking at the same time so it was hard to clearly listen to them but it was obvious that they weren't happy. Rex's actions had made him a bigger target and now everyone was throwing things at hims, and one guy even tried to shoot him with a gun. None of the projectiles actually hurt him, of course, but it's the thought that counts.

"Hey! Now you are just being plain unreasonable"

Tairee once again made it really hard for everyone to concentrate on anything other than her words. She chewed everyone out because of their actions but she was technically on Rex's side. Both wanted to stop people from trying to fight him.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but Tairee is right. We can't just solve this with punches"

The effect of her words unfortunately didn't last for long and people were once again trying to attack Rex. Before they could, though, he was teleported to the roof with one of the Tairees.

Library's roof — Good name for a band

"Come on, why didn't you give me a heads-up? Being teleported isn't exactly a pleasant experience"

Rex dusted himself off and found one of the candies that was shot in his general direction had somehow ended up inside his jacket. But what really called his attention was that his normal shirt had been turned into a "I'm with stupid" t-shirt with an arrow pointing up.

"Real mature"

Tairee made it very clear that she didn't enjoy having to deal with the consequences of Rex's actions and added he should get used to the notion that he wasn't as intelligent as he thought.

"You are right, maybe I should have wished for a sociopathic soulless painting to get a human body, instead. I don't care what the city thinks of me. Everyone down there has people they care about and that need them. If letting them call home means I have to fight a giant monster, fine. It's just another Monday"

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Mar 14th 2017 at 9:07:14 PM

The Christmas-y streets

Ben frowned when he got hung up on, and had grabbed some green-and-red cotton candy from a nearby booth and began to eat it, when Lewis texted Ben back. His eyes widened, and he stuffed a good portion of the cotton candy into his mouth, trying to wolf it down and text at the same time.

"what???? ghostfreak is in the library??? im on my way"

With that, Ben broke out into a run, trying to reach the Library as fast as he could. He just hoped it wasn't too late...

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Mar 14th 2017 at 9:12:47 PM

Eve|Library|She'll Probably Regret This Later

Eve had almost reached the suggestion box, ready to deal with a problem before it became a problem when the very same problem turned out to be in the library. Flying away from Lewis. And a very interesting pattern in pastels covered him.

Eve walked to stand next to Lewis, and a corner of her mouth turned up.

"Pastels. How bone-chilling. "

FirockFinion THE SLORG! from Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Mar 14th 2017 at 10:35:57 PM


Miss Tairee 5 looked back at Lucas as he ran up and made his request, then typed on her holographic screen for a few moments. "Well, the only way for me to make you able to see and hear each other would be an impossible, magic sort of thing; it might startle him. Are you sure?" Miss Tairee 5 asked Lucas in return, then raised an eyebrow when Yoshika arrived and hugged him; the librarian did not seem to hear whatever it was Yoshika muttered into his ear.

Someone in the crowd glanced at Plague Knight. "That Rex guy that put us in danger was in here! I think he just vanished though" the man told Plague Knight in a grumpy tone.

Some familiar faces were stepping into the library. Thomas walked in through one entrance, looking around and waiting for his chance to speak with one of the Miss Tairees. Dave walked in another entrance, dressed up like Frankenstein's monster with orange jack-o-lantern faces dotted on his jacket; he passed right by Arcade and Cole but didn't seem to recognize Cole in his new outfit. And the two news announcers, both dressed up like leprechauns, who were talking with some kind of tiny fairy woman in a little witch outfit, came in through another entrance.


"You at least know what a 'holiday' is though? I mean that makes it easier at least. I mean, it's not really important for you to know all about each of them; there's probably a bunch today that I'm not familiar with either" Chuck said, shrugging.

"So hey, today we get to call home or something right? You guys want to go do that right away?" Melanie asked as she walked back into the theater room. Nearly spitting some hot chocolate, Chuck got up and made a shushing motion to her, then quietly whispered to her about some of the info they'd learned about Silanea. "Oh, sorry" the Fangirl then muttered.

Silanea had finally stirred, slowly slithering herself upright and off of Connor. "I'm sorry. Was I hurting you?" Silanea asked him.

"No no, I'm fine. I think you couldn't have hurt me even if you were too heavy because of the day" Connor responded, smiling as he slowly got up. He then glanced down at Silanea's skirt and tail, raising an eyebrow. Her skirt was now orange, with lines on it meant to resemble a pumpkin's sides, and her tail was now a brown color with a sort of basket weave pattern. "... Hey, I get it... You're one of those thanksgiving basket things" the Fanboy thought out loud.

Calvin glanced over as he was getting up. "Oh yeah, she is... What are those called again?" Calvin wondered.

"A cornucopia" Melanie answered simply. The other Fanboys glanced at her for a moment. "... What? You didn't know that?" she asked, shrugging.

Library roof

Miss Tairee 10 closed her eyes and breathed out through her nose briefly. "It seemed urgent that I get you out of the lobby immediately. Now do you want a message home or not?" Miss Tairee 10 said to Rex, pointedly not responding to his comment about Mary any trying not to look so frustrated with him.

In the streets, with Ben

"Ben! Wait up!" Louie called, running to catch up with and then alongside Ben. "Geez man, you nearly left without me. What's the hurry?" the pokemon trainer asked.

It seemed that while Ben and Eve had been on the roller coaster, Louie had let out Ace and Swishee, who were now running and flying along with them respectively. Swishee's change was rather simple: A fake pair of antlers on her head and a little, red, glowing nose attached to the front end of her bill. Ace however was dressed from head to toe as a festive Halloween scarecrow, complete with a jack-o-lantern on top of his head. Ace kept staggering and having to slow down as some of the straw on his outfit kept lighting on fire, but he kept catching up to Ben and Louie between these moments easily.

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Mar 14th 2017 at 11:20:45 PM

Library-Just a moment Yoshika

Speaking to him face to face would use an impossible means? Lucas figured it would be worth it, as he had things he could tell Flint to prove it wasn't a simple hallucination and Flint was made of sterner stuff than the average man. If he was startled really badly, Lucas would be surprised.

Before he could voice his opinion on the matter, though, he was called out to by... Yoshika? Lucas was a bit surprised that the jiangshi was moving over to him... and then hugging him. He wondered for a second what she wanted, but then she said something that seemed to not be very subservient to Seiga. Was her mind back right now? But why would that be? Either way, Lucas still wanted to help her. Whispering, he told her "You... How... Just let me ask Ms. Tairee for something really quickly and we can talk about this. I promise I'll try to help you."

First off, he needed to get his message. Lucas said to Ms. Tairee "I think I want the impossible method. Dad would probably want to see me, even if he gets a bit startled." The second he got that orb, Lucas could find somewhere more private where he and Yoshika could discuss what she wanted to do.

They would need to keep Seiga from getting suspicious about this. He wasn't actually sure if Yoshika meant get away from Seiga in a spatial sense or in a freedom from servitude sense, well he assumed the latter but he didn't know if the former was an important first step she wanted to take. An important distinction. They definitely would need a private place to discuss, and while the second floor of the library could work, he should try asking Ms. Tairee first. Whispering so as to prevent anyone from eavesdropping, Lucas asked Ms. Tairee "Is there a way for Yoshika and I to talk without anyone overhearing that people won't notice us using? Also, are there any other ways to get out of the building aside from the doors on this floor?"

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Korodzik Ignore the screams a-comin' from the car
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Mar 15th 2017 at 3:07:31 AM


Garrett arrived at the library and begrudgingly took his place in one of the lines.

To no surprise, the library was filled to the brim; some of the long queues spilled out onto the street, and most seatings were occupied by people hunched over communication devices, busily contacting their home worlds. Some people were chatting casually with their companions back home, some were eagerly relaying their experiences in the city, some were crying, some were shouting; near Garrett a little girl, tears streaming down her face, was frantically insisting that she wasn't making it up about being kidnapped into another world, all while an increasingly hysterical male voice from her device was begging her to tell where she really was. Eventually, the girl got a better idea and just lifted up the device, showing her interlocutor a clear view of the diverse gathering of various species congregated in the library. The male individual went silent and then began stammering something incomprehensible. Garrett didn't listen any further, as at that point he finally reached a Tairee.

"So, I hear there's a message waiting for me. Also, I've got someone I'd like to contact back in my world... but first, a question. If it turns out the person I pick is dead, do I get a free second attempt?"

FirockFinion THE SLORG! from Red Desert Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Mar 15th 2017 at 4:31:26 AM


"Very well then" Miss Tairee 5 said, and after a few taps on her holographic screen, a magic mirror appeared with a blur for Lucas to take. At his other questions, she raised an eyebrow. "Would going somewhere private not work? There are no other physical exits, however I could teleport you to just outside if you'd like" the librarian told him.

Meanwhile, the Miss Tairee Garrett approached, Miss Tairee 9, turned to him and nodded. "Yes sir, you would get a second attempt" Miss Tairee 9 told him, tapping on her holographic screen, then added, "and here you are." With a blur, a note appeared in front of Garrett for him to take. When he got around to reading it, he'd see the following:

Mr. Garrett;

On the contrary, while I don't have anything to gain in the direct sense, there is something that I could benefit from if the person you know as the Hag triumphs. However, as you know by now, you are now allowed a message home so any additional privilege or challenge on your part should not be necessary.

Beneath that was of course the multi-dimensional signature of Miss Tairee's boss that Garrett couldn't read.

MMFRPG successor RP is go.
Korodzik Ignore the screams a-comin' from the car
Ignore the screams a-comin' from the car
Mar 15th 2017 at 5:20:43 AM


Garrett's eyes narrowed as he read the note, and his mouth turned into a thin line.

Slowly, he put the note into his sack, then addressed Miss Tairee again: "Very well. I wish to talk to Hammerite Inspector Drept." OOC note to GM 

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Mar 15th 2017 at 9:26:05 AM

The streets

Ben glanced back at Louie as he ran. "Sorry bout that! I got a tip that Ghostfreak was seen at the library! Lewis said that he was trying to contact someone and it'd be bad! If we can make it to the Library, we might be able to stop him before he pulls something!" He continued to run down the streets, despite the effort he was putting into his running, his legs weren't starting to ache, though he was getting a little out of breath.

The library

Ben arrived outside the library just in time to see the chaos beginning to erupt. Ben shoved his way into the library, past some angry people in the crowd, and his eyes widened when he saw Ghostfreak being confronted by Eve and Lewis. Ghostfreak stopped when Eve insulted him, and he narrowed his eye. "The god controlling this world saw fit to change my outer coating. I have nothing to do with this!" At that moment, he noticed Ben, turning towards him.

"Ahhh, Ben Tennyson. So good to see you," he told Ben in one of the most predatory voices he could muster. "You have arrived just in time to bear witness to the downfall of your world, and the demise of your cousin and grandfather. When I contact my associate the wheels will be set in motion to bring about the end of your Earth." Ben gasped and winced, but tried not to shout at Ghostfreak or else he would probably get bubbled.

"The wisest man is he who understands that he understands nothing."
Mar 15th 2017 at 10:11:58 AM

Library - Cloning Blues

Her own reaction to this right mess seemed to have catch Arf enough by surprise that she didn't seem as much angry anymore. But there not completely out of the woods yet. The next moments could either make it or break it even further, specially if, once Fate snapped out of this terrible state, then ended up volunteering the truth or if she herself was forced to do it instead ...

"No, of course not, at least not like this ... This is too horrible, too cruel ... I absolutely didn't wanna hurt her ... It's why I mostly avoided it while trying to warn you ... I should have considered that this might happen anyway ... I'm sorry ..." Caro then said.

Eventually, Fate did ended up snapping out of it, but she sounded so broken that it seemed hardly any better. Hearing her speak of herself as if she was nothing, practically not even real, was utterly heartbreaking.

Arf then once again started demanding for the contests of the book, threatning to look into it herself if no one volunteered. This time, she knew, it was unavoidable. Fate still didn't seem able to utter it herself and she was the only other who knew of this terrible truth. She felt awfully about having to say it in Fate's presence after all, but that book had caused enough grief and she couldn't hide behind it any longer. She would just have to do her best to cause the least amount of any more grief as possible with it ...

Caro then said, "Wait... I'll do it ... It can't be avoided any longer ... The truth is that ... Fate is ... The clone of Presea's first, deceased daughter ... The purpose of your mission was to find a way to revive her ... And it seems that, tragically, she doesn't accept Fate as her daughter ... "

She then began to carefully approach Fate. Then, remembering that even in her own time, she sometimes still seemed uncomfortable with touch, probably because of Presea's awful treatment of her during this time ... So, after slipping the ticket in her bag and then laying the latter down next to the couch, she very tentatively and gently attempted to lightly put her hand on her other shoulder, dearly hoping it brought her some comfort ...

She then spoke, "But Fate ... None of it really changes who you are ... You're not just a copy nor a doll ... You're real ... No matter how you were born, you deserve to be treated just like any other person ... Because in the end, it doesn't make you any different ... You're still someone with her own feelings and thoughts, who deserves to be considered and respected ... After all ... Well, Look at it like this ... Arf is your familiar ,you created her, she is literally mostly made out of magic ... Does any of that make her any less of a person? Of course not, right? The same applies to you ... You're still your very own, amazing self ... You rightfully deserve to be happy and to have a chance to forge your own path towards it ... "

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Mar 15th 2017 at 10:41:36 AM

Library - Value of the artificial

Fate wasn't really getting much better and the demand for answers coming from the dog made Caro reveal the truth to them and also to him at the same time that she tried to reassure her that her origins didn't matter.

"Whatever your origin is, it's just a beginning. Your own identity is something you develop as you live, as you begin making your own decisions and start thinking for yourself" he began saying, sounding eerily serious, "If someone like your mother values your worth solely on how you came to be, then they're not worth your time to begin with. She might not care about you, but that just means you need to find someone else and, well we're here if you need a hug."

He sighed, slowly going back to his more casual behavior and giving Fate a comforting smile.

"you've fallen down, and we want to help you get up. even if you think otherwise, the fact is that you're worth enough for both of us to want to help you."

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Mar 15th 2017 at 11:04:14 AM

Lewis - Library - Hoo boy...

Eve showed up and brought the snark, as she had been wont to do yesterday. Ghostdouche's offended reaction sold it. Since I had my phone out anyway, I took a picture to savor that pastel paint look.

But back to the point. Ben showed up just in time for him to announce his intent to use his message to cause the end of Ben's world as we know it. Clearly, my suspicions were confirmed. Poor Ben had this look of horror pass over him; I continued to relent in expressing the same, though it was there.

Welp. How tall an order could saving two worlds in two days be?

"And you don't suspect there's some rule against that? Even if there isn't, you are threatening another visitor to the library, and you know from yesterday how the librarian feels about that. Miss Librarian, would you like to weigh in on this?"

As a backup plan, I inched a hand toward the pen and paper by the suggestion box...

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Mar 15th 2017 at 11:33:45 AM

Ciri - Library

Ciri watched curiously as a woman dressed like a buck approached the 'Lady Seiga' she was talking to, and then seemed to be asking permission to read. A noble and her retainer, then, although an oddly well-educated one. Perhaps they were from a world where even a lowly servant could read. Regardless of all that, though, her answer left her with more questions than it answered. She thought to say as much.

"That just raises more questions than it answers," she said to Seiga. She exhaled though, realizing being cross probably wouldn't get her anywhere. "I suppose I shouldn't be upset with you, it's just that this entire situation takes a bit of getting used to. You mean that Santa Kurazu is a fairy tale, then?"

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Mar 15th 2017 at 11:51:54 AM


Lewis noticed someone and immediately sped off into the Library, leaving Plague Knight to the crowd. Seeing some semblence of order return, the knight noticed there were up to ten different lines of people trying to communicate back to their homes. Someone mentioned Rex being at the library, explaining the near riot. The knight guessed it will take more than a day for the flames against Rex to die down.

The knight patiently stood in one of the shorter lines as Garret waited in another, and soon came upon one of the different Tairee. "You employer has a message for me?" Plague Knight asked her.

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Mar 15th 2017 at 12:02:53 PM

Ara Haan (Street) - Sweet and Innocent Cinnamon Roll

"Hi, how are you today?" I asked the little harpy girl while Jack knelt down beside me to help me pick up my things. "It's fine, I can handle it."

I really appreciated the thought, but I didn't want to be a bother, so I calmly continued to pick my things up from the floor and carefully balance them on one of my arms... or so I thought. I was almost done, all that was left was the thing with the phone, and it was already in my hand. I tried to shift the weight around a little so I could hold everything with both arms... and almost everything fell down to the floor again.

It took me several seconds to stop staring at my arms in disbelief. All that had remained on them were what I had just picked up in one hand, and my book in the other. I slowly turned my head towards Jack, and let out a deep sigh before I made my request.

"Maybe it'd be better if you helped me carry a thing or two... please... except the book. I want to read it."

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Yomegami Sanely Insane from Out of Nowhere
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Mar 15th 2017 at 1:37:19 PM

Library ~ The One Who is Torn Apart

Arf just sat there in stunned silence for a couple moments after hearing Caro's explanation. Eventually, she managed to get a word out.


Another couple moments, she shook her head. "Explains a lot, really. As if I didn't have enough reasons to despise her mother." She sighed, then turned back to Fate herself. " really should have told me about this earlier. If I had just known, I could have helped you out of this. It's my duty as a familiar, after all." She frowned and closed her eyes tightly again. "...But sometimes I wonder if you have it backwards."

Fate didn't respond to this. However, after Caro and Sans spoke, she looked up at them. Her expression still seemed completely forlorn, although there was a little bit of confusion mixed in there.

"Even if everything about me was just copied from someone else...?"

"Well, you look real enough to me," Arf replied, before shaking her head again. "...Let me put it this way. Maybe hearing all this made you die on the inside. Maybe your entire life up to this point was a lie. still have a lot of life left, don't you? Now we've both been taken away to...whatever this place is, away from your mother, who can't do anything to control you." She closed her eyes again, looking almost as if she might cry a little herself. "When we first got here, I suggested that you look at this like a break. Now...I'm going to suggest you look at it like a fresh start. Can you do that for me? No...please, do it for yourself."

Fate glanced at her, then back at Caro and Sans, then finally back down at her lap.

"I...I don't know...."

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Mar 15th 2017 at 2:14:45 PM

Library - guidance

"right now you're lost and well, that's to be expected. however, after something like that you can't really just keep it all to yourself and suffer in silence, you gotta talk to someone. i was in a similar position just a while ago and well, now i actually have things to look forward to thanks to other people caring about me more than i did," said Sans, glancing at Caro for a brief moment before focusing on Fate again, "it's ok if you to need help sometimes and we're here to help you make a new path for yourself. you're living a different life from the person you're a clone of, that already means you're a completely different person, so again, how you came to be doesn't really matter."

This was feeling like dealing with Silanea's depression all over again and considering how that went he wasn't sure if he'll manage to make much more progress at it. However, he did know someone who was good at it.

"i have an idea, i'll be back in a bit," he told them, though it was mostly directed at Caro.

He then walked over to the closest Miss Tairee available, hoping that he would be able to get what he wanted without it taking too long.

"hey, tairee, can you get me something so i can have a video call with my bro, papyrus? knowing him there's a good chance of him being using his computer in his room," he requested.

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Mar 15th 2017 at 2:33:30 PM

Eve|Library|Back Here Again

Ghostfreak's reaction was so worth the probably messy vengeance that he would attempt later. Instead of responding, as such, she just "hmmed" sounding entirely unimpressed. Then Ben turned up, and Eve almost facepalmed. Almost. There was plenty of time to show exasperation later. When she wasn't currently face to face with a psychotic ghostly alien bent on...

...Destroying Ben's world?

Crap. Lewis made a good point, though, in that it was technically a threat against Ben, so he might end up bubbled again. In the corner of her eye, she could see Lewis reaching for the suggestion box. Clearly she wasn't the only one who had thought of asking the Writer. But, for now, she turned her attention back to the malevolent spectral alien in front of her.

"How will you ever deal with the indignity? Having your new look avaliable for all to see?"

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Mar 15th 2017 at 3:09:03 PM

Abel - Library - Screw it, I'm Tired of Waiting

"'Scuse me, sorry, sorry..." Abel pushed through the crowd, often getting called out for cutting. What, were these guys in lines or something? It was hard to tell. Anyway, it wasn't hard to find the conflict (well, one of the conflicts) that brought him here in the first place. He stood just outside the circle that was forming around the ghost from earlier, not wanting to be a part of it but still trying to see what was going on.

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Mar 15th 2017 at 4:41:18 PM

The Library, Further Musings on Santa Claus
"Yes, that's one way to put it. You could call me a wizard, and I deal with the fantastic regularly, but I've never seen evidence that Santa Kurazu exists...beyond being built off the legend of some real Saint half the world over," Seiga explained.

She held a finger to her chin and looked up, and started sounding a smidge more polite as she wondered. "Strange, adults know he's fake but they tell their children he's real. I don't know why they need to say their gifts come from some fat old man in a red suit."

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Mar 15th 2017 at 4:50:07 PM

Library's roof

Miss Tairee ignored Rex's remark about Mary and the librarian's wish and once again asked if he wanted to send a message.

"I'll call home later"

It would be nice to see a familiar face again but Rex didn't want to talk with anyone right now. And besides, he had remembered something else he needed to do.

"Wait, did Sans ask you about the books I wanted?"

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Mar 15th 2017 at 4:55:18 PM

Sora was discussing plans and what each member of the ghost busting group could but then he saw Ben arrive. He couldn't stay here talking planning and other such things when Ghostfreak was already working on harming Ben's world! This was the time to do something! Sora told the gathered group in a worried tone, "I can't wait when that Darkness filled monster is going to hurt a kid! You guys continue to come up with plans to stall Ghostfreak. I'm going to support Ben."

He ran into the Library and froze in place as he listened to the verbal sparring match between the phantom villain, Eve, and sharp looking skeleton man. This was worse than Sora thought. That tone......It reeked of hate. Of rage and disgust against one person. All of that would make one being ruin a whole world. That was just not understandably in Sora's mind. He took on a serious face and joined the crew that was facing off against Ghostfreak. Sora placed a hand on Ben's shoulder and he joined him and the others in giving the current foe a stern look.

Sora couldn't understand why anything would be like this. Maybe he was like a lost heart? Someone who never felt the warmth of the Light and the power that could come from creating links with other's hearts? Sora would still take him down if he needed to but shouldn't he at least try to get through to Ghostfreak? Sora spoke to Ghostfreak, "Why? What do you gain from doing this? Some kind of fulfillment for revenge? Does upsetting a child really make you happy? You don't need to do this. Just step down and we can talk this out. You may be weak to the sunlight but you can still be one with the Light."

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Mar 15th 2017 at 5:13:05 PM


Picking up the magic mirror, Lucas thought about what to do with Yoshika. While he could just go through the front doors with her, he doubted Seiga would overlook it if she saw them walk out together. Well, Ms. Tairee could just warp them out, but he figured it would be even more suspicious than walking out if Seiga happened to see it. If the hermit got wind of what was going on, Lucas doubted there would be another situation like this.

After a few seconds spent pondering a good course of action, Lucas whispered to Ms. Tairee "We need to get away from here, and I don't want someone to see us leave. Can you teleport us outside after we go upstairs and out of their sight?"

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Mar 15th 2017 at 5:35:52 PM


"Very well, let's see... Yes, he is alive and available. Sending him a letter would probably be less startling than making a magic communication; are you sure you want to speak to him directly?" Miss Tairee 9 asked Garrett.

Miss Tairee 6, still the closest to where Ghostfreak and the others were arguing, glanced at Lewis after he mentioned her. "Well you lot are also trying to disrupt him here in the library, so first I would have to separate you. It would be best if you just left each other alone" Miss Tairee 6 responded to Lewis.

"But he's trying to screw up Ben's world! That's not fair!" Louie yelled at Miss Tairee 6.

"A single phone call from him is not going to guarantee the demise of Ben's earth, and certainly not overnight" Miss Tairee 6 told him simply. She then turned her attention to Ben and was about to speak, but then Louie continued.

"That's tauros crap! How can you be so heartless as to let this happen!?" Louie demanded of the librarian. She looked at him with a rather blank stare. Behind Louie and Ben, Thomas had wandered over as he'd noticed the scene going on, but said nothing yet.

Over with Plague Knight, Miss Tairee 3 glanced down at him. "Yes, here you are" Miss Tairee 3 responded, tapping on her holographic screen. A note appeared in front of Plague Knight with a blur and would float there until he took it. When he got around to reading it, he'd see:

Mr. Plague Knight;

The suggestion box is for feedback and long-term suggestions; it is not a method for you to request personal deliveries of items simply because you do not feel like carrying them yourself, or didn't think to ask anyone else for assistance.

In other words, no. Though your politeness is appreciated.

Beneath that was the usual signature of Miss Tairee's boss, a multi-dimensional scribble that Plague Knight couldn't read and would give him a headache to look at directly.

Meanwhile, Miss Tairee 5, still being the closest one, glanced at Sans and typed on her holographic screen. "Yes, it seems he is. You also have a message pending from my boss. One moment" Miss Tairee 5 told him, and continued typing on the holographic screen for a few moments. In a blur in front of Sans, one of the video communication tablets appeared, along with a note. "This will call his computer directly, since he's on it. Press the button once to start the call, and then you can press it again to end it. Once you or him hang up or the day ends, the tablet will cease to exist" the librarian informed Sans. As for the note, whenever he got around to it, he'd read a rather short and simple message:


That depends on who you want me to bring to the city.

And of course beneath that was the usual, un-readable signature.

Miss Tairee 5 then directed her attention back to Lucas, leaning down as he indicated he wanted to whisper to her. "Yes, I can do that" Miss Tairee 5 answered him simply.

Library, roof

"It will have to be today Rex, or else you'll be waiting another five days" Miss Tairee 10 told Rex simply, then looked thoughtful. "Yes, he did... Information on quarians and geth, wasn't it?" the librarian said, typing on the holographic screen. After a bit, a book appeared in front of Rex with a blur; specifically, a lore compendium on the Mass Effect series.

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The library

Ben looked horrified as Miss Tairee sided with Ghostfreak, not even lifting a finger to help stop him from wrecking Earth. Ghostfreak's eye narrowed. "Yes, indeed. Listen to the librarian. It is for the best." As he rose to the higher floors, Ghostfreak stifled an evil-sounding chuckle to himself, then started to look at the tablet, trying to think of exactly what to say to Dr. Vicktor before he called his associate.

Ben glanced over at Miss Tairee. "You don't understand," he told her. "A lot of people are gonna get hurt cause of what he's gonna do. A lot of children," he insisted, looking worried. "Gwen and Grandpa are gonna get hurt too... I gotta call Grandpa. Er, Max Tennyson", he added, if she needed a name. "He'll probably know what to do. He knows everything about this kinda stuff. Plus I gotta talk to him and tell him I'm all right."

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