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Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
May 10th 2012 at 5:29:07 PM

Domain Spells: Yes

Grog, God of Damnation: No

Wintermill Shipping and airships: Yes

Cammy : Yes

Ascended Gods: Yes

Proto Gods: No

Nephilim (Subrace): Yes, but could I ask this be expanded to include gift spirits?

Kerameikos, God of Fire, lava and volcanos: Yes

Aegaeus, God of water, and rain: Yes

Black Empire Facts #5 Zeledo, the Black Princess: Yes

Humorith, The celestial god of art, entertainment expression and appreciation of other expression: Yes

The Leanansidhe: Yes

The Pentagram And The States Of Matter: No, not that I personal disagree with it but as Exe stated it hits to close to home for him.

Patrisk Gan: Yes

Tomia Gin: Yes

Thryn, the Evening Star (Ascendant Celestial god): Yes

Astrourgists (magic): Yes

Imperial College: Yes

Ipera- Goddess of farmers, farming, and livestock: Yes

Matedism: Yes

Black Empire Facts #5.2 The Clock: Yes.

Addendum: ticks: Yes.

Path of Bodily Englightenment: No for now, as we are still hashing things out.

Name change from Church of Truth to Brotherhood of Truth: Yes.

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
May 10th 2012 at 11:07:05 PM

Atrocities of Hadhism

  • A common tactic is for Hadhists to disguise themselves as other people and commit atrocious crimes, framing an innocent man for these deeds and then after he has serves out his punishment (Often death), they will reveal their hand so all know the horrible mistake they made and lose faith in their justice system.
  • They've also used mind control for the same thing, especially horrible example of making someone torture and kill their loved one who die betrayed and confused while from inside the controlled one will scream and scream and scream.
  • They have done so en masse either way. Cases include whole cult disguising themselves as one race and committing a wave of brutal crimes against another race, exasperating tension between two ethnic groups until it erupts into baseless violence.
  • Tortured a group of people to death while making them listen to the sound of children laughing. Afterwards, they capture and empower their spirits into terrifying poltergeist that slaughter any children they hear laughing until the surrounding area is silenced of their young joy.
  • Influence a fringe group with ultimately benevolent intentions to twist them to malevolent ends.
  • Prop up bad people and organizations to maximize their harmful influence on the world.
  • Make it look like they are supporting good people and organization to minimize their beneficial influence on the world.
  • Kill heroes who dare bring hope to the world.

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Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
May 10th 2012 at 11:13:20 PM

Could we call it something other than Nihilism. Nihilism is not inherently evil and outside of fiction most nihilists aren't evil or out to hurt others.

9/10 Nihilists are more likely to be hedonistic than sadistic

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
May 10th 2012 at 11:17:35 PM

Yeah, I didn't like the name either, TBH.

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
May 10th 2012 at 11:27:46 PM

TBH? Never mind.

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TwoGunAngel The Demon Slayer Relationship Status: Singularity
The Demon Slayer
May 11th 2012 at 6:32:34 AM

Indeed, this seems more like a group out to spread despair than any kind of "nihilists," really.

Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
May 11th 2012 at 7:25:35 AM

-Quirks eyebrow-


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Carciofus Is that cake frosting? from Alpha Tucanae I
Is that cake frosting?
May 11th 2012 at 7:32:52 AM

Are you going to be staying on, then, or was this a one-shot thing?
Probably more a one-shot thing, at least for now — next week I'll be very busy. But I'll read this when I can, it sounds like a cool project, and if I happen to come up with something possibly passable I'll post it.

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But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.
God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
May 11th 2012 at 11:18:12 AM

@Two Gun Angel: That's exactly it.

Aslo, idea: Hadhism.

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
May 15th 2012 at 5:49:42 PM

Twyn, the spirit eater -

Twyn was a gift animal (Elk) who was defiled by a hunter and abandoned by Elena and her worshipers. He grew angry and cast away what was left of his mortal form, craving a mask from his bones he became a masked spirit. Bitter and jealous he hunted down, defiled and killed the three closest gift spirits. While the spirits were weak he consumed them and absorbed their power. One was an Ivy spirit, one was an oak-like tree spirit and the final was a wolf-like spirit.

He took their energy, and their forms and became Twyn the spirit eater. His rage only growing Tywn began to set forest fires deep in the woods and even mauling hunters and anyone in the forests, hanging them in trees by their entrails. After a few months this wasn't even enough for him people stopped going into the forests fearing the beast that lurked there. so he went into an isolated hold one night and slaughtered them all, painting the forest with their blood as he traveled miles to the next hold.His former worshipers learned of his sins, and decided it was their responsibility to put him down.

They found his former mortal coil and formed weapons from what was left of his bones. While the head cleric took up his skull as a mask. They enlisted the help of the gods of the hunt who were responsible for the spirits defiling remorseful for what they had created, the clerics were granted The spirit-slayer as long as they promised to throw it into the Sky pit.When Twyn reached the hold, his worshiper ambushed him. The battle lasted several hours and at least three of the former worshipers were mauled but they manged to restrain him long enough to use Spirit slayer on him. While spirit slayer didn't kill him it weakened him enough that a fire spell rune cast on to the arrow could. After this the Knights of the Fallen were founded.

Spirit slayer - Was a bow created by the god of the forge for slaying and weakening powerful spirits. It turns any arrow fired from it into a powerful aether displacing bolt, firing it into a magical creature or magic user is a near guaranteed way to bring them down to normal at least for a few seconds.The bow itself is lost flung deep down into the sky pit, it has not been seen or heard from in over 200 years.

Sky pit- Said to be the deepest bit in the old world, it is located in a dense forest. The pit is over 300 feet wide, and is said to go down as far as they sky is high. Though there are several cliffs through out the pit. Explorations have tried to find the bottom sometimes exploring for months at a time but finding no end, though it is said that around 3,000 feet down there is the edge of a node.

Knights of the fallen - formed shortly after Twyn's defeat, out of both his former worshipers and people from across the lands that heard of this feat. They wear wicker armor and often times where helmets made of animal skulls. They act as a uniformed order to protect nature from its own evils, Nature Paladins if you will. They tend to use Strength and diplomacy before resorting to magic but they do know spells, often very powerful ones which only they may cast.

I meant to post this idea days ago.:p

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
May 15th 2012 at 8:10:42 PM

I just remembered, I called it 'Oblivionism' rather then 'Nihilism' anyway.

The Dances of Imitation Transcendent

Practitioners of the Dances are called Dancers, with a capital D and to clarify they are also called Enlightened Dancers, Transcendent Dancers and with some glib Transcendancers.

The Dances are explicitly a mixture of physical movement and magical exertion.

The Mortal Dances

The first Dance was of this category although the 'First Dance' is a story that differs across cultures. It is widely agreed that its creation proceeded Mysticism, coincided with the rise of civilization from hunter-gatherers and preceded Wizardry. The stories widely posit that a Master Mystic's apprentice came to imitate something through interpretive dance and found that while filling herself with her raw spiritual power of the Aether she could 'trick' reality into believing she was that thing she imitated and take upon herself its selected powers. What that was that was imitated varies greatly on who's telling it (As do other details), like a river or a fire or an animal or a particular type of person.

The Terrestrial Dances

And so the story goes that many generations after the First Dance that a Terrestrial God (Or some say that is was the First Dancer, now an immortal First One) who created the first Terrestrial Dance. While their are fewer stories of who that god was, with larger regions sharing the same story, it is still not an agreed fact. It is thought to have proceeded Sorcery but still preceded Wizardry 'proper'. It was, as all Terrestrial Dances are, modeled after a large system interpreted in abstract. Where a Mortal Dance may interpret lightning, hail or hurricane winds, the Terrestrial Dance will try to imitate the whole storm or weather system!

So it is said then that from her lofty position the Terrestrial God looked out over the whole world and drew inspiration from some selected aspect of it, inventing the first Terrestrial Dance. She then took some of her favored mortals who had mastered at least one Mortal Dance and taught this new Dance to them.

Scholars recognize tiers existing in Terrestrial Dances, of Higher and Lower. The example is the Lower Terresrial Dance of the Storm and the Higher Terrestrial Dance of the Weather.

The Celestial Dances

The story behind the Celestial Dances is the only one with wide agreement. It starts with a mortal, master of many Terrestrial Dances as well as mighty wizard, who casts his eyes out to view all of Domhain-Sceal. Struck by such mighty inspiration, he invented the World Dance, known as the Highest Terrestrial Dance and as the Lowest Celestial Dance, the Gateway Between Heaven And Earth. The very force of his first perfected steps catapulted him into Godhood and attracted the attention of the Celestial Gods.

All of them.

As one they manifested into the Material before their most favored follower, often a Terrestrial God, who had mastered a Terrestrial Dance, and taught them their Dance, the Dance that bespoke of their inherit and entirely abstract nature and then they in turn taught favored mortals who themselves had mastered a Terrestrial Dance that resonated with that Celestial Dance.

The World Dancer, as he was called now, took many students, thought to include the First Dancer who stories say taught the World Dancer his first Mortal Dance as a youth.

The Dance

A theoretical dream but some speak of the possibility of the Highest Celestial Dance, The Dance of Everything, a Dance that will manage to describe the whole universe. Beginning learners of a Mortal Dance are taught that they are learning 'the first steps in The Dance'.

The Sutras

The Mystical resonance of a Dance will aid in work of Wizardry or Mysticism related to that Dance. By even adopting part of a still form of a Dance will do the job. Further though, are the Sutras, hand signs that seek to imitate a Dance as much as ten flying fingers will allow. Mortal, Terrestrial and Celestial Sutras are therefore taught as a separate art.

The Songs

More commonly known are the Dances but their exist also the Songs that do more or less the same thing. Some places know the Songs more then the Dances and they speak of the First Singer and the World Singer instead. As spell aids, they are still called Sutras. Practitioners of the Songs are called Singers but often get lumped as 'Bards' as well.


Up Next

  • The Chosen: Expies of Exalted
  • Butannaziba the Godlumthakathi, Who Walks Before The Night: An ancient Batman-Sun Tzu who wrote the book on Special Tactics Fighting and being a normal mortal adventurer.

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Sijo from Puerto Rico
May 16th 2012 at 7:13:48 AM

Urgh. STILL HAVING CONNECTION PROBLEMS. And it turns out the reason the Cable company man didn't come to check it was because he got my phone number wrong! (I gave him the right one, I'm sure.) HOPEFULLY he will fix this tomorrow. -_-

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May 16th 2012 at 1:10:22 PM

'Tis fine. Am essentially holding off until you get back.

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May 16th 2012 at 3:30:45 PM


Change Nihilism/Oblivionism to Hadhism (Pronounced Hade as in Hate with a D, '-ism', so the second H is silent), named for their frist prophet Hadhus who Ascended twice and in is second Ascension fused with the nascent Overgod of his philosophy.

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Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
May 16th 2012 at 3:34:15 PM

Drop the silent d and sure.

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
May 17th 2012 at 1:35:28 AM

Butannaziba the Godlumthakathi

Who Walks Before The Night

The source of many folk-legends:

"Butannaziba can breathe underwater."

"Butannaziba cannot grow hair because they would fight to the death on his body."

"Butannaziba found out his spirit animal is the greatest beast of all the lands. It is Butannaziba."

Butannaziba was born Amadi the Atsu, a sickly premature baby forced out of the womb by his more powerful twin. Both showed rare signs of Titanic heritage, whereas Abimbola the Adongo, his twin, showed signs of having all of the Gifts of Excellency, Amadi was merely hairless and possessed of slightly odd skintone, a bluish-black as opposed to the blackish-brown of his people, and dark blue eyes where all his family had black or brown eyes. So Amadi was the freakish 'little' brother who lived in the shadow of heroic Abimbola. He grew up with mixed feeling, hating and admiring his brother at once but feeling unable to emulate him.

Their came a time when Abimbola took to adventuring while Amadi stayed home. And then their came a time when word came that Abimbola had been slain by an evil wizard. Amadi set out then to bring his brother's killer to justice. He became Dedicated to improving his body and his mind, he scorned magic that killed his brother and scorned the fool-hardy way of his brother which killed him just the same. He became a master of martial arts and weaponry, the art of the thief and the assassin and much, much more.

Foremost of this was the art of crime solving and law working. He proved by physical evidence and logical argument the extent of the wizard's crime. When he forced the magician to flee, he hunted him down and under the cover of night subdued his prey by clever tactics, use of terrain and well puzzled out weaknesses. Then he was brought to justice then and Amadi was given a new name, Butannaziba the Godlumthakathi "Who Walks Before The Night And Holds Back The Wizard".

Night Walker's Memoirs & The Fighter's Handbook

So it came to be that Butannaziba was stalked by a loyal scribe who by observation and interview wrote a two part book, one that detailed Butannaziba's life and one that spelled out all of Butannaziba's collected wisdom in textbook form. The whole book is titled "Night Walker" but they are often separated into "Nighter Walker's Memoirs" and "The Fighter's Handbook". The latter is still considered a standard teaching tool in Special Tactics Fighting.

The former documented Butannaziba's illustrious life as he continued to improve himself and take down grander and grander threats and was updated up until his death where he died of old age in his bed, surrounded not by a single blood heir but many heir in spirit and adulation of many. Certainly, many calculated that he had enough concentrated worship to be become a god on death (Or had to) but his devout followers deny he would ever take such a path. Other still speak of him being out there, kicking ass.

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Sijo from Puerto Rico
May 17th 2012 at 2:24:41 PM

THIS IS A TEST. THIS IS A TEST OF THE SBS (SIJO BROADCASTING SYSTEM). My net access is fixed, SUPPOSEDLY. I'll come back in a few hours and if I STILL can make it through, I'll get back to my duties immediately.


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Sijo from Puerto Rico
May 18th 2012 at 3:08:23 PM

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Or to be precise, the repairman couldn't do anything at all because the telephone post he needed to work on had just had a fresh cement sidewalk built around it. Does my luck suck or what?

He's going to try again today or tomorrow. Let's hope it FINALLY gets fixed by this weekend!

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May 19th 2012 at 2:16:47 AM

Detect Evil Ethomancy

In a world where good and evil aren't strictly defined despite the existence of god of evil and goddess of good, their still exists a Detect Evil spell and it's quite common. It's just, mostly, separate from those two.

Most people have a concept of good and evil, right and wrong, it's just that for everyone that concept is different and often not well defined. Detect Evil does not just work in spite of that, it thrives in that. The spells is a vague scrying spell that filters everything through the caster's own abstract worldviews.

The more concrete and defined these views are, the clearer the image you get from the spell. So, those with a black-and-white point-of-view get a black-and-white Detect Evil, clearly defining what is evil and what is not according to their own standards!

Although practicable be wizards, it is bread-and-butter for clerics and paladins although instead of their own view, the 'evil' is one defined by a god. Often though, these views more or less line-up considering.

Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
May 19th 2012 at 8:10:50 AM

Bonus points for proper use of what "-mancy" actually means.

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
May 19th 2012 at 4:03:55 PM

Now I'm not sure if Infernal Gods fell through, but I know it's already been agreed upon that their is a God of Evil and a Goddess of Good so I decided I would espouse further upon them both.

The Abominable The God of Evil

The Mirror That Reflects The Sin, The Mirror That Reflects The Folly, The Mirror That Reflect The Darkness, The Dark Mirror, Lord Of The Guilty, Lord Of Guilt, Guilt

The cynic says "Good cannot exist without Evil." But this is not true. The concept of Evil exists because of the concept of Good, because mortals bother to tell the difference between right and wrong and feel guilty whenever they choose wrong.

There, right there, is the gist of it. The Abominable is not truly the God of Evil, he is the God of Guilt. He is the internal recriminations of every good man. He is the Celestial Cauldron of Self-Loathing and it comes as no surprise then that he went mad eons ago.

The Gods of Temptations, of Lust and Greed, of Wrath and Pride, indeed exist but none thinks of themselves as evil. They are the Id and the Ego, the desire and the justification man makes to do bad things. Proceeding them almost always is the Superego, the Guilt. In this way, the Abominable is mightier then the God of Temptation which is important.

Through force of his might, he gathered the Gods of Temptations to himself, the sources of who he was, of all that he loathed and he bound them to his hate. He created his own Hell in the Aether to which he gathered souls like-minded to his his prisoners and like the gods he captured he worked out his self-loathing upon them with torment.

He is responsible for the birth of many Fae Demons, born from his recriminations they manifest into the Material to torment mortals, to torment all of this guilty world. Some seek religion and philosophy, ironically enough, to help them define what is evil and guilty, attaching and establishing themselves as boogeyman to profane and defile.

When the Abominable chooses to manifest, it will be in many shapes. Often though, he is seen with a beast on a chain leash, known to be a manifestation itself of the Hunter of the Damned, Watchdog of Thoughts.

The Amenity Goddess of Good

The Lighthouse That Guides To Perfection, The Lighthouse That Guides To Virtue, The Lighthouse That Guides, The Lighthouse, The Lady of Angels, The Lord of the Angelic Host, Virtue

Their is a reason none know her name, for has yet anyone truly been able to define 'Goodness'? Their are many religions and philosophies that believe they have but if any have truly found it, The Amenity has kept silent about it. Nearly all worship worship her though, a variable ideal to each of them of perfect virtue, free of the pains of sin. In place of her, many gods set themselves up as intermediaries, that their way is the true way to The Amenity.

Fae Angels are born of her and those not many seek to join her. Even to her children though, she is distant and they must seek out philosophies and religions to attach themselves in an attempt to grow closer to her.

The Devils Viceroys

Fae born or followers of the Gods of Temptations, carrying upon them the curse of the Abominable. Demons and Devils hate each other but are often lumped together because the Abominable torments both equally. Demons exult in their nature, the curse of the Abominable, Devils try to hide it. Their are means though to make the Abominable's curse shine through and reveal a Devil for what it truly is.

They are, of course, are Tempters, that's what they do. They are Shoulder Devils although any mortal they particularly attach themselves too will attract the attention of a Shoulder Angel to oppose their advice. And soon enough, a Neck Demon, to breath down the mortal's neck with promises of suffering.

Their Material existence is outlawed in many places. A notable exception is the Black Empire, where they are called 'Viceroys' and are more heavily taxed and monitored.

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Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
May 20th 2012 at 7:45:54 AM

>References to Judeo-Christian religions


Also, Daemons and Angels aren't directly tied to deities.

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Mura: -flips the bird to veterinary science with one hand and Euclidean geometry with the other-
God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
May 20th 2012 at 9:53:52 AM

Ja, I was going with alliterations there.

What should I change it too?

And Demons and Angels aren't soley associated with these two, it's just a lot of them are.

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