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So, I guess I should say who or what I am, right?

Well, allegedly I am a 27 year old human being from 21th century Europe, Earth, Local Bubble, Orion Spiral Arm, Milky Way, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, .

I am currently a grad student, and I am having a blast so far! I especially like that it allows me to travel the world, listen to interesting talks by interesting people, and occasionally even give my own contributions :) EDIT: I now graduated from my doctorate programme.

When I am not working on some ridiculously close research deadline, I spend way too much time on the TV Tropes forums. Other than that, I spend my free time cooking, reading narrative (science fiction and/or fantasy, mostly), working on small coding projects I always get bored of before they are finished, reading scientific trivia, jogging or sleeping. I like sleeping.

I watch no TV at all, but I read far too many webcomics for my own good.

Tropes that might apply to me:

Feel free to add whatever you feel like adding.

  • You are one of my favorite tropers in OTC; people like you who can discuss things they don't believe in just as readily as those who do are far too rare. -Vericrat
  • I don't always agree with you, but you're interesting to talk to and teach me quite a few new and cool things! - kay4today
  • I decided to drop in and leave a vandalization. Nice fellow, you are. - That One Guy Named X
  • hello. you're one of the ones who influences how i think. thank you. - Passerby
  • You're the first person whose page I've vandalized, so forgive me if I break everything in the process... But I had to tell you that I think you're awesome. I imagine you're your avatar, only human. (Or are you?) A perfect gentleman. -Alma
  • You are a very smart and articulate fellow, and a very nice one, too. Keep being awesome. :) -Mobile Leprechaun