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The teetotalers thread

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MobileLeprechaun Kiss Me, Son of God from Grayrock, TX Relationship Status: The vvillage twwo-wwheeled devvice
Kiss Me, Son of God
Jan 31st 2014 at 6:42:03 AM

Coffee for me. Gotten hooked on frappes recently.

SpookyMask Insert title from Corner in round room Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Insert title
Apr 17th 2014 at 1:02:14 PM

So why is English name for person who doesn't drink alcohol so silly anyway? And what it as to do with tee and total?

It gets confusing everytime I forget what it is in English and end up directly translating Finnish term for it in English... "No, I'm not that kind of absolutist" :P

Time to change the style, for now
neurosisinnoir Neurosis In Noir from Madhattanville Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
Neurosis In Noir
May 8th 2014 at 3:04:45 PM

It's not really clear where the word teetotaler come from. One story attributes it to a fellow known as Dicky Turner in 1833, who spoke with a stutter and tried to say the word "total."

Also, hey, everyone. Glad I found this neck of the woods (Old Folks' Home I mean) I'm naturally a very modest speaker in real life so it appeals to me.

Grew up in an Irish family in Boston, going to college in New York City, and I still don't have much a taste for alcohol at the moment. It just doesn't appeal to me. I love me some strong black coffee, though.

`"All is vanity," said Eclesiastes. "That ain't the half of it," said Sennett. "All is ridiculous!"' —Frank Capra's autobiography
Heliopunk station management from behind you Relationship Status: Robosexual
station management
Apr 15th 2016 at 12:47:09 PM

I miss root beer :< You can hardly find it anywhere here in the good old Germanlands; Subway used to have some but they stopped a couple of years ago and I'm still sad about it...

On the other hand,some pretty nice local stuff exists here too at least;for example my favorite brand of cola called Fritz Kola! It's super caffeinated though, so I can't drink too much of it. Spezi is nice,too! Does america have that?

There's a special place in Hell. It's really hip. Very exclusive.
TuefelHundenIV Watchman of the Apocalypse from Wandering Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse
Apr 15th 2016 at 3:43:17 PM

That is a bummer. In the city I live in there is a chain of restaurants that makes their own root beer in house. You can get a growler of the stuff and each locations will taste different as each has a different brew master.

"Who watches the watchmen?"
TParadox Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Apr 19th 2016 at 5:23:53 PM

The major brands of cola here in the US are just Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, and RC Cola, if you can call it a major brand. It's just about the only brand I can think of aside from the Big Two that isn't tied to a specific store.

Fresh-eyed movie blog
Heliopunk station management from behind you Relationship Status: Robosexual
station management
Apr 20th 2016 at 12:11:21 PM

Well besides Pepsi and Coca-Cola I can think of two other bigger brands of it here! Afri-Cola and Fritz-Kola. Never heard of RC before! Our store brand cola is...surprisingly decent,actually.

There's a special place in Hell. It's really hip. Very exclusive.
Euodiachloris Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Apr 21st 2016 at 9:46:46 PM

Dandelion and burdock, Irn-Bru (yeah, I know: don't ask) and squashes or barley waters...

If you want to know the daddy recipe of root beer, it's most likely D&B.

edited 21st Apr '16 9:47:52 PM by Euodiachloris

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