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YMMV / War of the Spark: Ravnica

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  • Complete Monster: Bolas's final scheme: Destroying a lot of Ravnica's power structure, assassinating several of its leaders, then invading it with his army of eternals turned out to be nothing more than bait to trick Ral Zarek into summoning virtually every planeswalker in the multiverse, so Bolas could cast the elderspell, giving his zombies the ability to destroy planeswalkers with a touch and giving their Sparks to Bolas so he could ascend to godhood. And that's not even getting into how he got said army of zombies.
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  • Protection from Editors: The novel has been near-universally panned by the community for simplistic prose, much of the cast being out of character, and poor pacing. Notably, The Professor, a well respected member of the community with the credentials and knowledge required to review the book, gave it a D in a rather scathing review.

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