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YMMV / Treetopia

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  • Base-Breaking Character: The Creatures' fan base can't really agree on most things anyways.
    • Dan. Some find him annoying and/or boring, maybe even an asshole. Others find him quite likeable. Him faking that he had an addiction to Nova's drugs didn't completely help this. Some thought his reactions were too over-the-top, while others saw him trying really hard to please those angry fans, and appreciated his work.
  • Broken Base: Are The Creatures deliberately screwing each other over constantly and wrecking each other's buildings funny and entertaining, or really annoying and dragging the series out unnecessarily? This problem is much worse in the sequel series Creaturetopia.
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  • Tear Jerker: At the very last video, after the guys blow up the place there's a bunch of scenes shown again, with awesome music playing in the background.

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