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YMMV / Tree of Savior

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  • Demonic Spiders: After you've progressed far enough in the game, you'll find that each area has an elite monster which has much more health than the others and does more damage. This isn't bad, except when the game decides that said enemy is going to be the archer or mage, in which case prepare to die. The Blue Spion Archer of Nahash Forest is infamous for this, serving as a rather obnoxious Beef Gate that requires very high defense and/or buffs just to survive. Its Spiral Arrow can outright kill players that aren't properly prepared, and the game is not shy about mixing them with the other Blue Spions.
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  • Goddamned Bats: Archer enemies are twice as annoying as regular ones, since you can't dodge their attacks as easily as melee or magic enemies. This is especially bad for other ranged classes, which focus more on avoiding damage than being able to take it.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • High tier:
      • Most MMO revolves around the concept of Tank-DPS-Healer;however, the Cleric tree is practically the most overpowered Job for being able to do all three; or rather, their skill set will always be a hybrid of both healing and damaging as healing itself can already case damage towards enemies.
      • Recognised as the most overpowered Rank 8 class, the Inquisitor, which is supposed to be a class that destroys INT-based class, is able to wreck almost every other class as well for not
      • Kabbalah is ideally a support class; however, the one buff, called Eins Sof, multiplies HP (and SP) so high, it turns him from a frail support in a PVP into a meat shield. While Plague Doctors are still commonly used in PvE for being more versatile in Support, Kabbalah is the more sought out class in
      • Shinobi used to be a mediocre hidden class. Until recent updates made Bushin no Jutsu use skills from shield classes such as Roldelero and Murmillo. Giving Murmillo an absurd amount of strike multipliers, and given swordsmans natural toughness. allows it to outright kill practically anything in the game. Demon lords included.
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    • Low Tier:
      • Sadhu was nerfed from being the class with the highest DPS to being a sub-par debuffer
      • The only reason why people bothered with Paladin most of the time is its synergy with Inquisitor as well as its Conviction and Barrier, the former having a good synergy with Plague Doctor. Resist Element, while usable, isn't strong most of the time; and, anyone planning to invest with Restoration will realise that your INT will be so high, it will restore people enough. Turn Undead is a luck-based skill with a very long cooldown and Conviction is too bugged for it to work properly

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