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YMMV / The Simpsons S 16 E 16 Dont Fear The Roofer

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  • Alternate Aesop Interpretation: If you ever become friends with someone, make sure everybody knows it — with extensive proof — ASAP, otherwise you will be seen as crazy.
  • Ass Pull: The explanation for why Bart was unable to see Ray right in front of him: a miniature black hole caused directly behind Ray absorbed the light around him, making him look invisible to Bart.
  • The Woobie: Homer throughout the entire episode. Everyone acts spiteful and ungrateful towards him (even his own friends and family), and blame him for messing things up, even though he tries to be helpful. When he befriends Ray, the rest of the family refuse to believe he exists (despite Homer's best efforts to prove his existence), accuse Homer of being insane and have Homer committed to a mental hospital, where he's subjected to electroshock therapy, courtesy of Dr. Hibbert. And none of them apologise for what they put Homer through, even when they find out he was telling the truth all along.


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