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YMMV / The Brady Bunch S 3 E 5 My Sister Benedict Arnold

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YMMV tropes for "My Sister, Benedict Arnold":

  • Fair for Its Day, Harsher in Hindsight and Values Dissonance: Mike and Carol allowing Marcia, an eighth grader, to date a high school student. In fact, Carol even chuckles (Alice is sitting next to her at the kitchen table, nodding approvingly) and remarks that, "Next, it'll be college students" (although to be fair, perhaps Carol's comment was an acknowledgement that Marcia is growing up fast and will be an adult before they know it). Forty years later, Warren would be considered a creep who preys on junior high girls, and Carol and Mike would not only disapprove of the date, but Mike might have marched over to Warren's house to ... well, give him a piece of his mind for even so much as batting a passing glance at Marcia. Mike also wouldn't be very happy with Greg for asking Kathy — whom is also presumed to be in eighth grade — over to the house, regardless of whether the "date" was legitimate, and he'd let Greg know exactly why. note note 

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