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YMMV / The Art of Theft

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  • Awesome Music: Courtesy of Mark "m0ds" Lovegrove.
  • Fridge Logic: As a fan review points out, having an umbrella that has a grappling hook on one end and a taser on the other doesn't make it very useful in its original purpose. That being said, it's entirely possible the umbrella being of limited use as an actual umbrella doesn't matter, as the umbrella part might just be there purely to hide it in plain sight.
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  • Moment of Awesome: Ah, where to begin? Nearly all of the game is a crowning moment for Trilby. First, Trilby pulls off two spectacular heists while treating both like a normal Tuesday for him. Then the Company gets involved. He robs an entire hotel while looking for Perota, and when he's captured while approaching his antagonists, he resists the brainwashing, and uses the "lockpick in tie" trick to escape easily. He robs an entire avenue in a single night to pay for his escape from the country, but when he's informed of a bargaining chip, he steals that from a secret laboratory as well as any other tech not nailed down, and decides to rob the Company building anyway rather than utilise it. While making his way out? He's confronted by a state-of-the-art prototype war machine. His solution? Blow it up with only the taser on his grolly. And, as previously mentioned, canonically, he never attacked any security or was even seen. Except for the guy in the Battlesphere, which he blew up. Hilariously enough, by the end of the game, provided that you get every dollar of cash from stealing (minus the bonus heist), all Trilby will get in loot is a paltry $6885 for his troubles. Adding a few zeroes to that number is probably more accurate.