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YMMV / Stan Lee's Lucky Man

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • The show generally presents Eve as being a sympathetic character in a situation that made her desperate enough to give the bracelet to Harry, and despite her flaws she genuinely desires to help people. However series 2 would bring up the idea that she was Secretly Selfish, being perfectly willing to force Harry into a dangerous situation he didn't ask for and expecting him to use the bracelet, despite the dangers, to solve her problems. Series 3 would end up supporting this idea with her pulling a Faceā€“Heel Turn and joining the Big Bad, blaming Harry for not saving her despite Blake using her and Suri as part of a Sadistic Choice for Harry and blaming Harry for everything that has gone wrong in his life since getting the bracelet.
    • The Torches/Light Against the Darkness are this when they appear in Series 3. The show presents them as a noble group who wish to protect the bracelets and believe that their magic is important to the world, but this is never explored in greater detail. The fact they don't appear until the final series and it's never explained why only Eve had both bracelets, along with how they felt no need to try and stop Isabella when she spent a decade committing evil with the bracelet, only makes them appear to be useless idiots who can't even keep track of the things they're meant to be protecting. Combined with how they are a triad, regardless of how they present themselves as being benevolent, and ignore the danger the bracelet can cause, it makes them appear to be a dangerous cult.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Eve is either an interesting and sympathetic character forced into desperate situations or is needlessly vague and inconsistently written.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Most of DI Clayton's luck is due to the bracelet given to him by Eve. When Sky1 announced that a second season is coming, James Nesbitt joked that it's his luck that the network was convinced to give the show another season.
  • Rewatch Bonus: Once you find out who Golding is, some of the scenes in the first season make sense. Such as how the makeshift knife used by Kevin to kill himself was smuggled in.