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YMMV / Rusty Hearts

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  • Alt-itis: You get four slots for each player character.
  • Spiritual Licensee: To Castlevania and Vampire Hunter D. There are quite a few style choices that bear similarities. Most obvious is the Big Bad's sidekick being called Death.
  • Too Good to Last: The Japanese version faces a termination notice from the Korean developer for some reason, forcing it to launch the 'Final Campaign' somewhere in February, and then to shut down near the end of March, despite the extra stuffs (like a theme song by BREAKERZ, all-star cast and several animesque promo cutscenes) and attention of the mods there. Some rumors say that the Japanese version became somehow too 'ahead' even more than the original Korean version.
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  • What an Idiot!: Some NPCs such as Estel show mind-boggling levels of stupidity. For example, a quest chain called "dream of gold"(level 32) involves Estel asking you to make gold with yellow paint and stone.


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