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YMMV / Ride a Crooked Trail

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  • Funny Moments:
    • Tessa's fed-up rant to Maybe about her boredom in her role as perfect housewife—and Maybe's trolling her right back.
    • "They'll have to. It's the law."
    • "Whiskey?" Followed by Maybe taking a swig in the background while Tessa tends to Jimmy.
    • "Where'd I get this?" "He gave it to you." "Where'd I get him?"
    • A very hungover Maybe bolting awake when Jimmy informs him he's been fined twenty dollars.
    • "You're right, he is a mite young." Shortly followed by, "You old goat, he had his face in the dirt!"
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  • What an Idiot!: Jimmy accidentally stampedes the cattle herd (and gets dragged out of his own saddle and injured) playing at roping the steers. To his credit, however, he realizes and is ashamed of his mistake.


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